How to remember closed tabs in TO when U close a window and open it again?

Michal P. 9 years ago updated by Hikari 3 years ago 6

I can't manage in TO with very basic feature. The key feature of TO is to use (click) Green Cross refered to single tab in TO tree to close that tab but keeping it in the list of TO. All is fine before U finish the session with that window and close the window but clicking Green Cross refering to that window.

   The problem is when I come back to the session of that window by double clicking the window in TO tree view - my action of making a tab not visible in the window but visible in the list of TO is not restored.

  After restoring the window all saved tabs are visible in Google Chrome but action of tabs to be closed but listed in TO is completely forgotten.

  The Tabs Outliner help is not so clear for me to explain me that issue.

  Without managing with this problem, I can't manage with my many tabs which makes my Google Chrome to work so senseless slow.

Sorry, not very well understand your problem. can you formulate it differently?

For example you said that

"action of tabs to be closed but listed in TO is completely forgotten."

What actions is forgotten?

Maybe try to explain this issue as serious of steps - what you do, exactly, what you expect after you do that, what you got instead.

Oh, thank U for ur feedback. I really appreciate it. I will explain a problem step by step. Hope one can read it n help me.

1. I have the Google Chrome Window with many tabs (opened webpages).

The same time I have TO window opened and I can see all these tabs' names.

2. Because of having so many tabs opened in Google Chrome, I click on green crosses of some of my links in TO to close those tabs but leave the links to them listed in the tree.

(I just follow the first line of help below Quick Starter in TO).

Now some tabs r closed in the browser but r visible in TO's list of links.

This is what I want to be saved in TO's tree of my window. Some tabs opened and some tabs closed but listed in TO's tree.

3. I finish using Google Chrome clicking green cross of my browser's window in TO's tree n then close the TO window.

4. Next time I want to come back to my browser with the same tabs' configuration set in TO.

 I open Google Chrome n then open TO's window n then click on my window in TO's restored tree from last session.

5. All tabs in the browser r restored in Google Chrome.

The problem is that some tabs were set as invisible in Google Chrome but visible in the TO's list of link of my window.

My step 2 operations were not restored.

Sorry for so long description, but I can't find simple language refering to TO's interface and Im not fluent in English. Hope one can read it n give me idea what's the point of solving that problem.

Thank U very much in adavance.


So you restore you window and instead of restoring only the open tabs last time it is restore everything.

There is not first time i hear such request, And there is special alternative restore specially for people with such requirements : ) 

Try restore the window by Dbl-click with ALT button pressed.

This will restore only the tabs that was open last time you save the window.

This hidden feature is not mentioned in help : )


It works! :)

U r very helpful n patient person.

Thank U very much for ur important help.


This is a very helpful feature. I will start using it regularly! I found however that it doesn't work when restoring groups. Can you extend the functionality to groups?

Sorry for bringing back this old thread, but search pointed me to it so I'd not open another one :)

IDK if this feature is still hidden yet today (lol) but it's very very needed. I had insalled TO a few days ago and was very sad as I'm testing that every time I'd open a window I'd have all tabs opened and have to suspend them all over again.

The worst thing in it is that I'd not remember those few tabs that were active before, among possibly hundreds of tabs that are suspended, many of then would be for weeks if they had not been brought back.

Because of that, I'd suggest that the default behavior (simple double click) would be to open the window leaving suspended those tabs that were so before. Without requiring Alt holding.

A mistake in double clicking without Alt pressed would not only create the trouble of having to suspend them 1 by 1, but the big trouble of finding which ones weren't suspended and were in use before.