Parent node format - Empty parent nodes after crash

Sirt 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3

I have just started using your extension, and it seems to be a very promising one. After Chrome crashed, I opened it again, clicked on Tabs Outliner button to open its tab, and double-clicked to open one of the crashed tabs from the previous session. So far so good. But then I noticed that there are two kinds of formatting in windows (parent nodes): Window (crashed Sat Mar 23 2013) is sometimes in grey-blue and sometimes in bold green. The crash happened around midnight. Are the windows that crashed after midnight in bold green to indicate that they are today's windows, perhaps? I didn't find any info on this in the documentation.

What's more important, though, there are some "Window (crashed Sun Mar 24 2013)" windows without any tabs under them. When double-clicked, they open a new blank tab. I am worried that they contained tabs that were lost after the crash. Is this possible? Any help appreciated!

The green one is the windows that was crashed or closed (through close all windows button) last time the TabsOutliner was open.

So if you have several crashes in one day, or just close the browser completely in that day several times (the TO has the problem that it's treat last visible windows on Chrome close as crashed, they not really crashed, just incorrectly detected as such) then it was show in green only the windows which was crashed/closed last time.

The empty windows is very unlikely was contained any crashed tabs. That is also an artifacts which appear sometimes on complete Chrome close.

Browser crash for me every week or something like this, i have tons of open windows always, yet i never seen that TabsOutliner lost any crashed window content. The empty windows artifacts i was saw several times and check this situation - they are not represent real crashed windows. 

Thank you very much for both replying so fast and dispelling my fears.