option to sort last opened urls on top of the list/tree

Henrique L. 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 5

I have currently 310 urls on the list; so everytime tabs outliner opens, it is scrolled to the top, and I have to scroll til the end to see the newest urls opened; btw all others are closed and only a few are running in the active window.

If the order could be reversed it would work great!

thx again for this excellent extension!

Dont wont to mark this as rejected. Will see if this will catch some votes.

But It will be complex to implement unfortunately.

As in this case the Tree Style Tabs feature will stop works, or i will need to implement it in a form of some reverse tree - too much work for such a rare use case. And this will touch also a lot of other aspects.

Why not open new urls in just a new window? (Ok, i understand that habit is a sufficient reason, but just as a hint... ; )

BTW - maybe send a screenshot of your tree (can be blurred if your afraid of exposing the private titles of tabs), seems you have some very uncommon pattern of use for this thing. It will be helpful to see how people utilize this thing. Just to better visualize this case in mind.

I plan soon release new major version (as new extension), so maybe i will 

take into consideration this scenario if something easy can be done to this problem. (most of the users hate when order of tabs is different in TO and in Chrome, it was actually a lot of efforts to make them always synchronized and straight)

oh, after your explanations, I just thought, what I initially suggested will be more troublesome even to myself...

the problem here is that TO was scrolled to where I had those URLs opened; but when I get back to it, it is scrolled to the top of the list so I have to scroll down manually again; 

so, instead of what I suggested initially, what about just make it scroll down to where it was before I left TO window? is there some way to remember that scrolled position?

EDIT: Should I edit the title or open a new idea topic? but this looks like a missing feature as I see this behavior happen on some pages (auto scroll to where it was scrolled before)

EDIT: I made some more tests and TO getting scrolled to the top happens only if I focus Chromium window; if I focus other windows like notepad, TO will stay scrolled to where I left it.

EDIT: after more tests; sometimes TO will behave as expected staying scrolled where I left it; now, I dont think it is a TO problem but a chromium misbehavior; not sure tho...

There is an undo scroll button in the main toolbar.

But I think the best option for you would be just disabling the auto-scroll altogether (see the options).

TO will continue to perform the scroll to active window if you will press its action button in a Chrome window - so, just not call it that way, just do not close it, and activate from the OS toolbar (the place where is the all open applications listed - it has the own separate button on it when opened) or just by directly clicking its window if it is not covered.

I myself do not use auto scroll, so maybe this option is already somewhat buggy. Need retest. As every Chrome update brake something, sometimes a lot of something.... So it might be broken. But actually the idea is that it's auto-scroll on every Chrome window switch. And only if the other Chrome window is selected (not the same that was active last time). And only if it is switched by user outside of the TO (so switches using the TO does not counted). And selecting the TO itself must not be treated as switch to a new Chrome window.

If this is not work this way - then need to fix it...

worked flawlessly!! I checked "do not auto-scroll" and it is working great now!!

btw, I dont open it clicking the TO button on chromium window (only the 1st time I have to do it); [SPOIL]because I am on Linux and I have a bash script to bring TO window to front whenever I move the mouse to the left edge of the screen. I think this can be accomplished on windows too with external application; I just dont know much about windows way..[/SPOIL]


EDIT: I think you may add a simple check that may prevent the auto-scroll from misbehaving; if the scroll position to be restored is 0 (top) you avoid scrolling; if the asked scroll position to be restored is not 1 or more; you do not store it; I am just wild guessing tho, I have no idea how coding to chrome works yet :>