Keyboard shortcuts

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Wherever possible, I use keyboard shortcuts in lieu of the mouse. (E.g., to search for "Linux" on Wikipedia, I input: Ctrl-L -> "wiki" -> [tab] -> "Linux" -> [enter].) Keyboard shortcuts would be a tremendously useful addition to this powerful extension. (Unless, of course, they're already there -- I didn't see any mention in the quick intro section.)



This is NUMBER ONE task after i will finish the solution to sync the tree between PCs and to the Cloud.

Many other cool front end improvements awaiting my hands, but this is definitely must be done in a first order.


This is NUMBER ONE task after i will finish the solution to sync the tree between PCs and to the Cloud.

Many other cool front end improvements awaiting my hands, but this is definitely must be done in a first order.


There is also common request to be able to open the TO view using the keyboard shortcut. Worth to note that this is already possible. See the Chrome Settings->Extensions-> "Configure commands" links in the bottom of the page

I tried configuring shortcuts using this and I just kept getting "Shortcut Not Configured" any ideas? Like Peter Eliot below, I'd love a way to be able to close a tab without having to have the Tab Outliner window open.

The Hotkeys idea is amazing!

I was doing a scratch based on most "global hotkeys" that exists between applications and browsers. Even that it is a mess, here it is:

  • Shortcuts List:

    • Arrow Keys (up, down, left right) - Move between lines and levels
    • Esc - Unload Tab (Same as clicking the Green Cross, With the "Unload Tab" Tip)
    • Del - Delete Existing/Unloaded selected line (tab)/Separator/Group/Window, Same as the Purple Bin
    • Spacebar - Place Separator
    • F2 - Rename Tab (Title)
    • G - Group
    • Enter - Same as Double Click
    • Tab - Turn Subnode
    • Shift+Tab - Set as Upper Node
    • Ctrl+LClick - Select/Deselect Multiple lines, Instead of Duplicating as a lower node
    • Ctrl+Double LClick - Duplicate tab

There are some additional actions which could be enhanced via a proper Context Menu, accessed via Right Mouse Button, but that doesn't enter here. If you consider this as addition for the Shortcuts, here it is:

  • Add Custom Context Menu (Right Click) - with options: Unload, Delete, Delete Duplicate links/tabs, Group, Move to New Window, Place at the same (node) Level, Set all as a child node (of the top one), Highlight (All) Selected Tabs (IF) with search criteria
    • E.g.: *Ctrl+F*>"Mobil">*RightClick*>Highlight All with "Mobil"
  • Add Sort SubMenu - Alphabetical, by Link Hierarchy, Main Page/SubPages, Opening order, Order/Arrange all by Main links (Related Subpages), Opening time/date, Most Active/Inactive, etc.
  • Add Bin and Unload Icons For Dragging tabs into (left right Corner - With Fade Effect, when dragging onto)

I hope this helps. Keep up the good work!


What I would love to see are vim-way shortcuts. 

E.g. 'j' and 'k' to move between lines. 

Worth a look is a chrome extension called vimium.

And I know, that for people not familiar with vim this may be a pain too learn a new way of using shortcuts, so i guess this could be just an option or a 'shortcut profile'.

Anyway, I love this extension! With productivity of vim it could become one of the most powerful extensions for web browsing ;)

well. There is already new version in a lab and it's have keyboard shortcuts.

I hope to release it this year.

but it just use arrows for moving between lines. In future maybe need to add an ability to configure shortcuts.... meantime they will be hardcoded.

A shortcut I would LOVE to have is a way to close a tab/window from the tab/window itself, while saving it. Having to find it in the Outliner window is a pain when I just want to save-close it. Something along the lines of cmd-alt-w for save-close tab, and cmd-shift-alt-w for save-close window.
Would love to see a simple keyboard shortcut to open/close the Tab Outliner. Similar to firefox's Cmd + Shift + E for tab groups. Awesome plugin by the way!
Is this still going ahead?

Ideally, keyboard shortcuts would exist for everything so I never have to use a mouse, but even on a smaller scale, I'd love to have the option to just switch between windows (including closed/saved windows) with a simple alt-tab like experience (open a cut-down version of the tab window that just lists the windows, on keyup close & save the current window and open the selected one).

My ideal usecase is this: I have a number of projects on the go at once, and want to have different windows for them all, but have them closed until I want to switch between them. At the moment, I have to use the keyboard to get another window open, and then find the old window and close it. On a Mac, this is a pain because of the difference between command-tab (switch between applications) and command-` (switch between open windows of the current application)

To jump to Tab Outliner, I was able to do this:

1. Open the Chrome Extensions page ( go to chrome://extensions/ or right click Tab Outliner button and pick manage extensions)

2. Scroll to the bottom, and click on 'Keyboard Shortcuts'.

3. Select the features you want, and set the shortcuts you like. (I used Alt-. to open Tab Outliner, and Alt-, to close and save the current tab)

4. Click OK to save the setting.

I found the keyboard shortcut window was limited and awkward to use. It doesn't always show that it has taken the key - you may have to OK and go back in to see that it did. Individual keys don't seem to be available - as they are in e.g. the Shortcuts extension, but that can't launch Tab Outliner. I would have liked '\' for opening Tab Outliner, but I can live with Alt-.

This is on Tab Outliner 1.4.130, and Chrome 49.0.2623.108

Sorry for a naïve (or fundamental) question: Is there a shortcut to open "Tab Outliner" itself? If possible, how could I set one by myself?

To create a shortcut to open Tab Outliner, follow the steps in my prior comment.


Just to add to the discussion, for those users in Kubuntu, there are plenty of options to configure a shortcut to open Tabs Outliner itself. Go to the "Special window settings" of Tabs outliner's window, and enter the following settings:

- Window class (application): exact match, google-chrome

- Window title: exact match, Tabs Outliner

and then you can define several behaviours:

- remember size and position of the Tabs Outliner's window in "Size & Position" tab

- set a specific keyboard shortcut for Tabs Outliner's window in "Arrangement & access" tab.

Hope that helps.