Please remove the call to window.requestFileSystem so that this addon can work in Firefox

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I can't live without this addon, it is the only thing that works for management of a lot of tabs.

Unfortunately I can no longer use Chrome because it does not have delayed tab loading and it forces the user to load 1000 tabs at startup which can take hours and consume 15 gigabytes of memory. So I switched to Firefox Nightly (with the new Lazy Tabs virtualbrowser feature of Firefox 56) which can load 1000 tabs in 5 seconds total.

So I am trying to use Tabs Outliner in Firefox. (using Chrome Store Foxified addon)

The problem is that this addon gives an error, because the window.requestFileSystem API does not exist in Firefox WebExtensions.

Please remove this requestFileSystem functionality and use the indexdb instead, so that this extension can work on Firefox.

Thank you so much.


Totally agreed! The new Firefox is better suited for power users than Chrome. If Tabs Outliner worked with it, it would be perfect.


Any thoughts on this from the developer? The lack of Tabs Outliner is literally the only thing keeping me from switching to Firefox now.