Share license across Google accounts

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Hi! I'm using two Google accounts/profiles in my Chrome, one is for work and one is personal. I recently purchased Tabs Outliner but I was sad to discover that license was only applied to one of these two profiles. Is this intended? What can I do to use the license on both profiles?


I'd love to know if 1 license can work with 2 profiles as well! Like the above user, I have 2 google accounts/profiles (work and personal). I was just about to buy the license but knowing that he could only use the paid mode for 1 profile stopped me from purchasing.

I want to know about the same thing; I have a personal and work account and in my opinion this is very common across most users. I would like the licence to be shared or linked at least with one more account; in other way it turns out to be really expensive if you have various accounts for different usages.

I noticed this suggestion from the author here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/tabs-outliner-support-group/qIY2Z7SP-PA/iyWVtQlFAAAJ for handling Paid mode for multiple Chrome profiles.


Ok, I already bought a licence a month ago; I tried to contact the developer through his support@tabsoutliner.com email and wrote twice but still I had no answer regarding activating my second account with the profile I primarly bought the licence to use with it. I dont know if the developer have another email or a more direct way to contact with him? or if he doesnt give any support already. Any response or suggestion would be appreciated.