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Since the features of Google Chrome Toolbox and PIG Toolbox used the no longer support NPAPI (netscape), please consider adding support for syncing with Diigo Outlines, any features that were in Toolbox (similar to Tab Mix Plus for FireFox), and check out extensions like, Pickpocket, save all tabs to pocket and cloudy tabs.  As, these are all the tools I use to make up for the lack of syncing and really, ease of use of this product.  Other companies besides Diigo that might be interested would be Wrike and The Brain Technologies.  Check out Diigo's tool for working with Safari mobile.  Perhaps Chrome mobile will not support mobile extensions, but Apple does.  Maybe you could bridge the gap there.  One of the places where this app could really shine is in the Mac app store for utilizing with Desktop Spaces in Mission Control/Total Spaces.  I would love to control Chrome across Spaces without all the memory issues.  Hope this helps as you find your way...
I just spent a few hours searching and there is nothing that comes clise. I will say lets and snd tab lets me push to mobile or wrike and open on another machine. But, what I really want is a real live Tab Outliner Sssion across all devices that I can sync and organize. Imagine being able to open and close tabs on one device by controlling the outline from another. Wouldn't that be cool? What about asking kickstarter for aome cash to get it developed? Anyway, somebody feed this developer. This would be a killer app. Furthermore, The Brain technologis software would do really well to sync with the kind of app I am descibing. One tab outline across all devices as a subset of a Personal Brain network. Thoughts?
Any updates? I would really like a mobile app or bookmarklet that would sync all tabs into one outline across all devices. I use diigo, pocket, wrike, sendtab and I still can't cobble together something that will acckmplish this. I end up with orphaned tabs on various devices and am constantly wondrjng what to do when it takes forever to save them all to bookmarks or push to services using bookmarklets. I want one outline to rule them all and would pay a monthly fee for this. I think it would be a killer cross platform app. Does anyone else need this? Tabs Outliner is awesome. I just need it to sync and be mobile. Please someone make an offer for how to get this out of development and implement it.

Tab Cloud Chrome Extension does this.  Tab Cloud was my primary tool for this until finding Tab Outliner.  I would love to have the Tab Tree synced across devices.  Starting with PC's and then to Mobile Devices.  The Chrome sync native to chrome is terrible.  However, using the chrome account settings and/or gmail settings the way TabCloud does it is pretty cool.  Please let us know if this could be a possible feature.  Syncing would make this a killer app.  I'd also like to be able to turn tabs quickly into diigo bookmarks, wrike tasks and The Brain Thoughts.