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That's my experience too. I just have to avoid the little icons that cover up the tabs, and avoiding using the UI, until I need to organize or hibernate tabs. The bizarre context menu is best to perform actions on the tab tree, but it's so bad, I have to avoid it as much as possible.

I have changed my mind about wanting a refund. My priority is to not lose tab tree data and not being slowed by it either. It seems to do that better than anything else.

With a lot of tabs in the tab tree, the useless icons can cover the tabs, making it unclickable. Another bad design decision. That part of the UI should be removed completely, and replaced with a proper context menu. The keyboard shortcuts need to be configurable and disable-able. I have never needed the keyboard shortcuts, and in this case they cause loss of data when the tab view is in focus, and keystrokes are accepted unintentionally.

I do not use Google Drive for backup. I think the majority of the planet probably does not either.

Fucking shit. Backspace is the one that saves, and delete is the one that closes. Were you drunk when you designed this? How do I get my money back?

I just accidentally closed a huge tab tree just while I was typing this. Unrecoverable.

I paid for Tabs Outliner, and in the first 5 hours of using it, I have accidentally closed tabs at least once or twice per hour. Middle click should close. It duplicates. A big "X" should close. It saves. The only reason I paid for it is because Sidewise is not being maintained and it's losing my tabs. Now, Tabs Outliner is losing my tabs. The right click menu is a monstrous mess. It needs close, save, and a few other options - not a help encyclopedia. I keep getting nagged about using Google Drive after I paid, with no way to turn it off.

This is the clunkiest software I have ever liked enough to actually continue using it. The UI is horrible. You should listen to your users when they complain about usability. Trust me, they're 100% right. Fortunately, most of the worst problems would be easy to fix. Why not use an S for save instead of an X? Why not put the S at the left side of the tab, and put X at the right side of the tab to prevent accidentally closing when you mean to save, and vice versa? Closed tabs, both active and saved need to be recoverable, but they're not.