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Instead of just removing all duplicate tabs from the tree... it would be more interesting, in my opinion, if the following happened instead:

1. I open a new tab that already exist somewhere in my TO tree,

2. TO detects this, and alerts me with how many duplicates there are, and also gives me the following options:

a. open this new tab as usual (the default)

b. open this new tab as usual, and remove all previous duplicates in the tree

c. instead of opening this new tab as usual, re-open the most recent instance in my tree

d. instead of opening this new tab as usual, re-open the most recent instance in my tree along with its original context (i.e. the whole window that it was in, with the other tabs)

If I have two workstations, using the same Google account, both backing up using my google drive... are they not able to just open the most recent backup that has been save each time TO opens? Would this not effectively be the same thing as sync? (I guess it could get sorta messy if both workstations are being used at once, but in my case, that is never the case)

TO doesn't seem to be doing this though... It must be opening some locally stored data, since when I open TO on a workstation that I haven't used in a while, I am just shown the tabs I had open the last time I used that workstation... Yet, my recent google drive backups in the Options section (which are much more recent than what is shown in TO) are available to be viewed or deleted (Therefore the recent data is available to TO)...

I suppose I could just manually delete what's currently in TO, and drag in a Google Drive backup... but couldn't this be automated for me? Or is this what's under development? My sense is that this isn't whats under development, but instead a more elegant solution that doesn't use Drive at all... (How easy would it be to implement a temporary solution that loads the local data, but then replaces it with any more recent google drive backups if they exist? This could be made optional of course, for those who actually prefer to have multiple sets of tabs that they are maintaining.)