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I love necrobumping this thread.

I just want VIM style editing of my tabs but can't stand writing JavaScript. So I'll just keep bitching on this thread.

It is seriously time to start thinking about an alternative. I am so grateful to Volovyk for making this extension but it's looking like we need something else due to his inactivity.

If there are some developers here. I would be interested in putting together an open source project for hierarchical tab grouping and suspending.

Or if you're listening Volovyk, I would be happy to add this functionality to your extension, for free, if you can give me access to the source code. I'll sign a NDA or whatever is required.

@cosmin, I upvoted your review.

I am signed up for this thread and it's always a fresh reminder of how sad it is not to have this feature.

This is the brotherhood of "Never to be completed features". I salute you all.

(Premium User Here)
+1 to everything that's been said here. I would very much like this feature. I think it's the one grand thing that's holding Tabs Outliner back. @PeterM had this exactly right. Why should I reopen tabs to organize them. Also the Tabs Outliner organizer shows all the tabs in a hierarchical way, with their full names. Cut and paste would also be amazing.