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There is no any problems in detecting Chrome exit. Not need to google for this. Problem is in detecting what windows are restored and what are completely new. Especially taking in account that you can restore you windows after creating some new ones.

This is somewhat easy with "Continue where I left off" option in chrome. Yet as nobody exept you use this useless feature anyway, i am not sure it is need to do something about this.

A joke  ; )

This will be fixed : )

I decide that I prefer to "solicit feedback" on my email from about box ; )

well, actually i think a little more about this and decide that maybe I am not very right. I am really not have time to adequately respond to all feedbacks, especially when there is some small bursts (as it is in case with every new active user there :), yet they are useful, even declined ones, as they allow to see the product from different points of view. So I think need put link to this place somewhere in documentation or in about box. Yet i don't whant to distract new users to some other tasks, like reading some forum... especially taking in account that this extension require some adaptation period to completely grasp it... need to think how to do it better.

Yet concept of parent which protect all sub-nodes is cool and handy sometime. I thinking about adding this as some special protecting node. But, is it really so much needed, except it is cool concept, i am really not so sure.

In time you will find that you work with Chrome tab strip less. And using TO is always possible to decide - do you really want to close & delete window, or only unload it.

> protection would be inherited from the parent node.

I also had such idea, but... my short experiment clearly show that new users tend to overuse this feature. Final result is not so much usable, and not worth that extension will become much more tangled and complicated in persistence logic for tabs - as we see even already present, simple rules, is not something everyone immediately grasp (actually all new users have problem with this feature).

There is "Close & Save All Open Windows" button - shut down chrome using it. It will guarantee that everything will be saved. 

Of course there is also need done some work regards to interoperability with internal Chrome restore feature. Unfortunately - it is implemented in a way that make this task very complex and guess based.


This you recent finding is one of the core feature around all of this. And the fact that you find this only after some time (and big one) is a clear indicator that documentation is not work as expected. Unfortunately. But how to make it better and more prominent i don't know.

The idea behind all of this is to generate less open or saved tabs, not more. So for node to become persisted (after close) user required to apply something custom to it. Manually. There intentionally no any features to make something new persisted automatically (except in Chrome crash case). 

Yet there for sure will be way to quickly apply something custom (bold style for titles, or special color) to a set of tabs, for example to all subnodes of some window. After that, all of them will be protected from gone on close.

It is by design. When TO moves or restore pined tabs it unpin them. Restoring tabs as pinned have some far-reaching drawbacks, as they are moved by chrome to be the first tabs in the tab strip and have some other special behaviors  The best solution I found after long experiments, to numerous problems, is simple unpin tabs upon restore. Maybe need put this in option actually. Yet I am not sure it is so critical to do anything about this. If there was many votes for this I will add such option.

Personally i never use pined tabs so i even unsure how people are using them and in what practical scenarious.

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