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After a "crash" my standard operating procedure (with the desired end result) is:

a) I have Chrome reopen all tabs (automatically)

b) Those tabs are registered and shown by TO and shown below all the crashed tabs

c) I use that information to figure out which tabs in the list of crashed windows were open at the time of the crash

d) From the list of crashed windows, I open just those tabs

e) I delete all the windows that were automatically reopened by Chrome

The result: I've got exactly the same windows open as before the crash, and I've still got the info about all non-open tabs at the time of the crash

This is a bit cumbersome, in particular b/c the order of reopened windows does not usually match the order of the list of crashed windows.

Since TO is able to recover the *list* of windows/tabs shown in the TO pop-up at the time of the crash... why is it not able to recover information about which ones were open at the time of the crash? Just store that information in the same way you store the list of tabs [the list that's shown as crashed]. Since TO is able to restore any tab from the list of crashed windows (as happens when you double-click them), why not just use that little bit of extra information to open them automatically? Then tell users to *stop* using the "silly" ;-) option of "continue where I left off". Maybe there's something I'm not getting here...

If it's not possible to store anything other than the list (of crashed windows/tabs), I'd be perfectly happy with an imperfect "knife and fork solution": Add (and store) an "*" at the front or end of the tab titles that are open, remove it when the tab is closed, and use that marker to recognise which windows were open at the time of the crash? (Sure, an obvious flaw is that windows whose title *does* start with "*" would accidentally be opened, but hey, this would still be a gazillion times better than the current situation).

I just can't see that TO can't have all the necessary information available *and stored* at the time of the crash.

If money/time is the real problem... well, I'm willing to shell out quite a bit of money, actually, if I know that it will fix the issue. Not *all* of the money, but perhaps a collaborative effort even just by the people commenting this thread? How much are we possibly talking about? Pleeease. This is such a great extension, it deserves to become even greater!