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I also would really like to have the multi-select feature enabled. I paid for this program today in the hopes it was in the paid version. No such luck. To sort over 2,000 links (I know this large number is sort of my fault...) will take a very very long time. This program unfortunately will make new groups over and over again if a crash occurs. I had a malware in Chrome so this happened a lot! I now have have ended up will many copies of most links in my tree and to organize and repair this without multi-select is a major major pain. Using the Chrome window is a very poor temporary fix. You need to see what you are doing, and the tree is perfect for this.
I'm curious, If people have been asking for this feature for four years now, and it is a standard feature in Chrome and in Windows (and Mac's), why has this feature not been activated? Other than these two flaws, I find this program to be the best plugin around to deal with tabs. Please add the multi select to this program. It will greatly enhance the usability of the program (as well as save my Thank You.