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To remove all crashed sessions, I first open the Developer Tools (F12, or CTRL-Shift-I on Windows, or Alt-Cmd-I on Mac) for the Tabs Outliner window, then I enter this command in the console to collapse everything:

treeView.treeModel.currentSession_rootNode.subnodes.forEach(n => n.setCollapsing(true));

and this command to remove the crashed sessions:

let i = 0; let t = setInterval(() => { let n = treeView.treeModel.currentSession_rootNode.subnodes[i]; if (n.getNodeText().includes(" (crashed ")) { console.log(`Removing node ${n.getNodeText()}`, n); n.removeOwnTreeFromParent(); } else { i++; } if (i == treeView.treeModel.currentSession_rootNode.subnodes.length) { clearInterval(t); } }, 100);

The second command might take a few seconds to run completely depending on how many tabs and crashed sessions you have.

Wow! That's an old request... 5 years old! And it does not seem to have been resolved yet. I love the tool, but I would not pay for it for that reason. I know that paying for it would give a better chance of getting this issue fixed, but when I see such an issue still being open after so many years, it makes me loose confidence that the money will be spent efficiently.