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I agree with what you said, and I understand not many will use this, and is not a good typical use case, so it will not be implemented anyway, but the idea was that the titles/urls to the sites saved wouldnt be sensitive enough, and all the sites are individually password protected anyway, so for this use case it doesnt matter, but preserving the state in urls would be very important for research which is where the TabOutliner would be handy to close / restart them at that url state. However, still would have to be done incognito for various reasons, including that some set of extensions would need to be disabled before safely using these sites, that other stored information would like to be cleared after session end, etc.

Anyway, no worries that this is not something you want to implement, Completely understand. Thanks!
I need this because lack of this is making my life miserable. I have a site I have to work with constantly (dozens of tabs) whose developers decided it was a great idea to have the title be exactly the same regardless of what happens inside.

I am currently using the RenameTab extension which works fine, but I can't use tab outliner with it as when it starts back up after closing, all the saved locked tab title names are lost. So now I have tab outliner for everything else that I can close, and some 20+ tabs/windows for this one site that I can't ever close for fear of losing all the custom names!


Hopefully others will chime in and we can raise the price to motivate this implementation.

Thank you@