Uw opmerkingen

Unfortunately yeah, but you can either try my Autohotkey approach or G Luckz' Duplicate Nuker (will still try this at some stage) in the meantime.

Cheers I forgot about this issue from a year ago haha made me realise I need to use the extension again!

I'll give it a go next time I've got loads of duplicates :) One step closer to having it built into the extension though, would be great if it did a cleanup each time :)

^ This is what I have to do every now and then :p The script is just this:

Sleep 1

Well, I hope so :p I'd definitely use it more if it wasn't so tedious closing the crashed sessions! I've even had to script a repeat-clicker to click on all the delete icons for me as a workaround..

Yep annoying it's still not available in the free version lol