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wow, I was having big problem with chrome being encumbersome to cpu and memory, I had to close it to play some games.. gotta try it now, thx!

worked flawlessly!! I checked "do not auto-scroll" and it is working great now!!

btw, I dont open it clicking the TO button on chromium window (only the 1st time I have to do it); [SPOIL]because I am on Linux and I have a bash script to bring TO window to front whenever I move the mouse to the left edge of the screen. I think this can be accomplished on windows too with external application; I just dont know much about windows way..[/SPOIL]


EDIT: I think you may add a simple check that may prevent the auto-scroll from misbehaving; if the scroll position to be restored is 0 (top) you avoid scrolling; if the asked scroll position to be restored is not 1 or more; you do not store it; I am just wild guessing tho, I have no idea how coding to chrome works yet :>

oh, after your explanations, I just thought, what I initially suggested will be more troublesome even to myself...

the problem here is that TO was scrolled to where I had those URLs opened; but when I get back to it, it is scrolled to the top of the list so I have to scroll down manually again; 

so, instead of what I suggested initially, what about just make it scroll down to where it was before I left TO window? is there some way to remember that scrolled position?

EDIT: Should I edit the title or open a new idea topic? but this looks like a missing feature as I see this behavior happen on some pages (auto scroll to where it was scrolled before)

EDIT: I made some more tests and TO getting scrolled to the top happens only if I focus Chromium window; if I focus other windows like notepad, TO will stay scrolled to where I left it.

EDIT: after more tests; sometimes TO will behave as expected staying scrolled where I left it; now, I dont think it is a TO problem but a chromium misbehavior; not sure tho...

I understand, I just think who downvotes should be obliged to say why, not only here, everywhere, so their perspective could be evaluated too...

I indeed thought it could be another extension telling tabs outliner to do the auto-closing on the big green "X", but I didnt know it could be done.

Anyway, it is aready good, I just go there and click on it what works well.

Concerning complicateness, I guess if you add popups explaining what each button do (that can be disabled at options), and if someone contribute a video, it may help them understand how it works better!

I have no problems at all, it is actually easy to use, and like it very much!


why someone downvoted it?

I have 50+ tabs, it was using (as I remember) about 2GB of ram, and using about 20% of my 4 core cpu, messing with things like games that use a lot of cpu power;

then, I magically discovered the big green "X" button by side of urls in the tree!

I just retracted the url tree group and click on it and voila! it worked! I can keep all my 7 simultaneous researches and not clog my machine!!!

So, I looked for an option like: keep only the 10 last visited urls loaded in memory (so older tabs would automatically be "big green X button" closed), but I could not find it :(

We could also Pin some tabs to not make part on that last 10 urls list. To protect them.

I dont think they should go to a separate list for auto-closed tabs tho... just make it simple, auto unload them! with a configurable limit of default 10!

unfortunately I can only upvote once..