Your comments

ok, stared :)

lets hope it will be implemented soon...

but the alt-doubleclick only seems to work on windows closed via TO (collaps and hit the "X"), not with crashed ones :/

i don't know how much effort it would take, but perhaps you could implement an option to "auto alt-doubleclick" the last session on startup of chrome? (as an interrim-workaround until the feature is done in chrome)

this way it would be possible to disable "continue where i left off" but still have this behaviour without the issues with TO?

like i said, i've no clue if this is to much effort for an interrim-solution ;)

the suspended windows (duplicates from last session) only occur when i activate the gmail-offline function "keep apps running in background" like said in your's pretty much the same behaviour like the crashed window problem, only without the "crashed" label.

i understand the problem with chrome shutting down apps without time to save something :/

perhaps you could implement an option to recreate the last session (similar to the "continue where i left off"-option from chrome)? i dunno if this would be easier than the reassociation?

i totally would disable the "continue where i left off"-option if it would be possible to restart the last session - but when i do so (by double-clicking on the old window-session), not only the active, but also the suspended tabs are re-opened...or am i missing some knowledge here?

this workaround does not really help me...the old session is no longer marked as crashed, but still another (suspended) window :(

i also don't really want to uncheck "contiue where i left off", as this is an awesome feature in my opinion...

i'm running chrome 28.0.1500.95 m with tab outliner 0.4.72 on W7 x64

i really hope you can fix this issue as i love the whole rest of your extension :)