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Hi volovyk,

Let me clarify this. This is probably one of the most useful add-on, however the following one lack of feature is a problem. Now it’s not about crash issue.

1.  At the end of our work we want to close and restore the exact same set of tabs to continue our previous unfinished work.

2.  Option A: restore tabs option in chrome is on. Then if we close chrome and open later, the set of opened tab is saved in TO and another set of them open and showed in TO in duplicate. We have to delete the opened set and again click on previous set in TO to get the working set and without making too opmany multiple copies of the same webpage in TO. Too much clicking.

3.  Option B: open new tab option in chrome is on. A new unnecessary tab is open on restoring chrome. We have to click that off in TO, and then doubleclick on previous set of working tab to start working. Before that we have to start TO to do that. Again a number of clicking before you start your work.

4.  Anytime you forget to do so will lead to unnecessary set of duplicates in TO adding to your huge number of already saved tab.

5.  Then you waste one hour each weekend to clean them off.

6.  So is it possible to make an option in TO, to open the last set of working tabs when chrome starts, without all these unnecessary clicks to make that possible.

I hope that clarifies our concerns. thanks again.

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