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I created an account and signed in here just so I could say thank you to you, Hikari! 

I've been trying out Tabs Outliner for a few days now, and was considering paying for the upgrade. In the meantime, I've also spent a good bit of time putting together some comments and screenshots for this developer. I so appreciate his/her thorough documentation, and the massively comprehensive feature set! 

Thank goodness I needed to look for a bit more info on one issue, or I would not have seen your post, and the evidence that TO has been abandoned. You've saved me a ton of time and effort.

But especially, thank you for outlining how you're trying to replace TO. It's so great to see there are people out there who are generous enough to try to help their fellow web users! Most people would click off this forum and be pissed off that they can't have what they want once they saw there was no support. I'm looking forward to checking out your suggestions.

Finally, thanks for the reminder that not every human is selfish, a much-needed bit of positivity these days. Stay well!