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Tab moves around in the list???

Mark Breitenbach 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 4
I have a few tabs that seem to pop around in the list. I have one window, no groups, several notes used for grouping. I open a new window, browse in it for awhile. It starts out at the bottom of the list  (where all new tabs start unless opened from an existing window), and then at some point, it pops up into one of my note groupings, seemingly randomly (though I'm sure there is some rhyme or reason to it.

I'm going to assume for the moment that that is NOT desirable/coded behavior. I won't want tabs moving around unless I physically drag them somewhere else.
Actually, nevermind. I think this is a function of the fact that I'm running Tabs Outliner and Sidewise simultaneously (as I get all my windows organized). I think Sidewise placed the new tab in a particular place, and TO just "followed orders" when it noticed the tab had been moved.
Under review
Please describe the exact steps to reproduce this behavior.
Also note that TabsOutliner does not have any sort of functionality to reorder your tabs other than during drags inside the Tabs Outliner, but maybe such functionality exist in Sidewise (and as i can see in its support group annoy some users)

So basically i am not very well understand actually this bug report. Please describe the steps to reproduce exactly or record a screen cast, for example using any of the free online screencast services. also make sure that during this your attempts to reproduce this buggy behavior Sidewise must be disabled.

I will attempt to reproduce this without Sidewise running (once I get all my tabs imported). But I suspect it won't be possible.
I'm using TO on its own now, and have yet to see a tab move around without my help. I'm going to chalk this up to it being "incompatible" with Sidewise, which is... expected.

Sorry for the false alarm.