Do not scroll the currently active window to the top

FichteFoll 12 years ago updated by David Rees 10 years ago 12

Currently, whenever I switch the window or click a tab in the view the list scrolls downwards (or upwards) so that the newly active window is on the most top. I don't like this behavour at all, it makes it impossible to have all your windows at a glance, instead it will most likely hide all the other windows besides the active one.

Another thing is that this does not correspond to the actually active tab. If you have more tabs (or just entries in the list) than the amount of items matching in the Tabs Outliner window the active tab is not even visible there because it scrolls to the window entry, not to the tab itself.

What I'd like it to do is to make the currently active tab visible in the overview, that is scroll the view so that the tab is like 2 rows aways from the borders if necessary (and optionally the parent window item, as an option). This assures that the window itself does not change its appearance too often like when you only have 3 windows with 3 tabs each which would easily fit into a 1000px high TO window. You can see the all windows and all the tabs when scrolled to he top. Why change this?


You can open clone view, and never close it - it does not scroll.

But this one does not restore correctly when closed as the last window. Furthermore it wastes a good 77px in height (with tabs, navigation and bookmarks).

Why not just do it in the popup too, even as an option? Also, I never said that I didn't want the window to scroll at all, I just wanted it to scroll differently like you'd expect in most other applications that use a list or a combo box control.

Reread all of this and still cannot understand what you want  Some special behavior when only 3 small windows is present? then, something another when there is a lot other windows? I will not do this for sure.

Maybe I am not understand you, i will think about this later. Please add any specific example of "most other applications" that work as you want. Or describe some use case for this option.

By the way, there is undo scroll to undone any accidental scroll.

I think using the clone window option is good, however, I do think the logic behind the auto-scroll to focus could be tweaked for usability.

In this video you can see a slightly sub-optimal usability experience when I create a new window.


I've not thought about how to resolve this, but at least you have the video for reference.

I also just noted the same behaviour as in the video happens when focusing a window that is a the bottom of the list.

Same sub-optimal auto-scroll is experienced when a tab is duplicated with ctrl+click or middle mouse click.

does not saw anything sub optimal. Actually you even not need to open Tabs Outliner if you have a window with one or two tabs. It is needed when you lost ability to observe tabs in current window. And in this case auto scroll works perfectly. And to change anything to satisfy complete strangers, with 3 windows and 9 tabs..., guys - sorry, you are simple not the my target users, why the hell you need Tabs Outliner at all? Is isn't it OS taskbar and default Chrome tabs strip are completely adequate and suficient for such cases?

While this is declined, I think many still agree the scrolling could be better as described in http://tabsoutliner.userecho.com/topic/133351-option-to-turn-off-scrolling-or-just-show-the-whole-tree-when-theres-only-a-few-tabs/