Bug when working with pinned tabs

Dword 8 years ago updated by Achiya Elyasaf 5 years ago 4

Hey there,

there seems to be a small issue when working with pinned tabs:

Generally, Tabs Outliner remembers the pinned status of a tab and restores it when closing and reopening a window. However, the first pinned tab is always converted to a normal tab whereas the others stay pinned as expected. Minimal example:

1. Open Google, Ebay and Amazon in their respective tabs

2. Pin Google and Ebay

3. Save the window with a name like "Test"

4. Close the window

5. Reopen it with Tabs Outliner

6. Ebay is pinned whereas Google and Amazon are normal tabs

That does not seem to be the expected behavior. Please inform me if you fix this since it would make my workflow much easier!

Thanks for the great extension by the way ;).

Best wishes,

Sebastian Landwehr


See here for the same issue as reported before. Hopefully we'll get an update on this since it has been a while.


I want to note, too, that at least for me, the the tab that I pinned but isn't staying pinned is also displaying in the TO tree as being in the location where I pinned it, rather than where it actually is in the tab order. See the image here where the TO tab and actual tabe are indicated with the red arrows. (these are both "Inbox" pages, but are signed in to different emails).

@Peter, the bug unpins the first (and only the first) tab, no matter how many pinned tabs there are. Chrome groups all pinned tab to the left, therefore whenever you unpin a tab (manually or due to the bug) - > it becomes the first unpinned tab after the pinned tabs group.