undo an event (such as sending a tab to trash or moving a tab)

Willian M. 10 years ago updated by Maorie Light 6 years ago 8
nice but not highly important, just an idea for a far future
Note that you can undone closing or deleting of the open tabs and windows from the Chrome itself (recent tabs menu item in the Chrome menu or right click in the original Chrome tab strip).

thanks for the help, I thought the same thing, but I meant the tabs that haven't been opened yet, sometimes we are organizing our TabsOutliner trees, and we mistakenly click at something very old that we haven't opened in a chrome window for a long time. Those tabs if are deleted by mistake won't be able to be recovered from the "Recent Tabs" Chrome menu. I ended up losing two webpages by mistake. But maybe it's just a matter of being careful.. :)

I totally agree with this. When I'm pruning my TO lists, some tabs are loaded and some are not. The ones that are loaded have a Close-and-Save button the extreme right. The ones that are not loaded have a Delete button in the same place. When I am editing my lists, it is very easy to accidentally click Delete on the unloaded pages, because the button is in the same place as Close-and-Save.

I can bring up a TO previous backup and restore from there, but that feels like a workaround. A quick Ctrl/Cmd-z undo option would save a lot of effort and give a huge amount of assurance.

Undo would be helpful in other ways too. I've accidentally dropped pages somewhere in a collapsed hierarchy, for example. 
Any update on this functionality? I see it has been planned for a long time; perhaps it was implemented and I missed it? Without an undo feature, I've run into the following problems:
  1. Despite the ability to recover natively with Chrome / history, this takes too long if you accidentally close a window with TO. Google will restore a window at a time, but without the hierarchy and any customization originally in TO.
  2. I've occasionally dropped a node somewhere in a collapsed hierarchy without knowing which one. This takes time to locate / undo. Sometimes I've even accidentally dragged a node while rushing around, in which case I don't even know what I've moved, and don't know what to search for.
I'm sure there are other scenarios. Can you provide an update on whether an undo feature might be coming soon?

It would be nice if there was a recycling bin


please make this happen, when pressing delete button on a closed big tree node is such a pain. no way to get it back. ;/