Integrate with Task Management

MZ Guy 9 years ago updated by Lusine Avedis 6 years ago 5
Tabs Outliner is great for organizing tabs. I currently use Tabs Outliner for "deal with sometime" web projects. I'd like to be able to manage those projects fully, with deadlines. I now have a large tree in TO, with named groups and windows. As things stand now, items get lost in the tree, and I forget to deal with them. It takes to long to go through the tree every day to see if there is something I need to deal with. Remember the Milk allows for a single URL associated with each task, but no way I can figure to "refer" to my tree. I could always name things in TO to match a task name in RTM, then search the tree for the task name every time, but I wonder if someone has a better solution. Any ideas? Thanks.

Example of a solution: it would be great to have a URL I could click on in my RTM task to take me to a node in the Tabs Outliner tree. Or, some alternative system with keyboard shortcuts to move between the two. I found a new extension called Overtab that seems to have an interesting concept, but also seems to take too much control and is supposedly buggy. I don't want to completely turn my browser into a task manager. I just want to relate certain groups of tabs to a task.
> but no way I can figure to "refer" to my tree

I found that using tags (meantime fake, real support is planed) is an excellent way to link data between different programs and even between electronic data and notes on a plain paper.

I just mark something with some tag, for example
#project-x  #feature-y #task-z
and then using this tag in paper notes and in x-mind and in Google Docs - inside documents, and then, by seeing it i know that if something refer to this tag then the TO tree contain some more information near the note with such tag - so i just use search to find this "some more".

So basically a solution is not to use a full task name or long title but a short tag. Then it's possible to easily use it as in paper notes, as in TO tree, as on Post-It stickers.

The cool thing about this as it is always easily to add more information to some topic this way. Without even searching the place where to put it. Just by adding already existed tag to it. It's also handle moves and copy operation excellent - something that is very complex to accomplish with URL scheme. 

This works much better for me than using the links. I really connect this way information through many different programs.

But the links is also planed, as to nodes, as to tags (then TO will perform an automatic search before displaying the page, obviously for this needed a server side)
Tabs Outliner will be developed in this direction, to become a full feature task and project manager.

But the fake(meantime) tags is something i really use and it's actually very useful concept. Often using them in Google Docs titles - then the search through the tree will also find them easily - as they become a part of tab title.
Thanks for the suggestions!

I use this simple task management tool at Fluxes.com. Their interference is very simple and they allow unlimited users in the free version.