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Bruce Cannon 9 years ago updated by vincenzo 4 years ago 7

I see mention in forums and articles of a way to expand all nodes, but I don't find this in the help panels. If it exists, how? If not, can we add a way to expand all nodes? Especially important since search only seems to traverse visible nodes.

Fantastic, thank you Vlad. Is there a keystroke for this? Or one to go to the bottom of the tab panel? (when I have a lot of tabs the icons are very far away).

It's actually always at the bottom of the screen regardless of how many tabs you have : )
Seems they do not have a shortcut, need to fix that, but the '-' and '+' keys works to expand/collapse a current node (in the paid mode).

excellent! What we really need is CTL-and CTL+ to expand and contact all nodes. And, how about automatically expand all nodes when I hit CTL-f?

Both of this proposals is not what most users expect from such functionality.
The search just must search inside collapsed nodes also, and such functionality I hope to implement in near future. And maybe I will add something like Alt-Ctrl-+/- as a shortcut for Expand/Collapse All.

Really, meantime collapsed nodes is not first class citizens in Tabs Outliner, to fix that need much more work than just a few shortcuts.

Thanks for the tip, I was looking for this.

Is there a way to "expand all" similarly?