Option to always display tab/group counts (not just when node is collapsed)

vittorio 12 years ago updated by vladyslav volovyk 12 years ago 4

Option to always display the tab/group counts (at the moment it only appears in square brackets when a node is collapsed). It might also be nice to have information about the current session in the title bar of TO, (ie. tab/group count of current session) and the session/group name (if named/dated sessions is implemented)

Count of tabs is present in the extension icon. There is also present number of open windows, in tooltip, on mouse hover. I am against any useles options.


The count of open tabs is shown in the extension icon/mouseover. If you think it is useful to show the tab/group count for a given node when it is closed, then why is that information magically not useful when the node is open?

I don't think it is useless or duplicating information because the numbers show on the tab icon/mouseover are different than the numbers shown when a node is collapsed. Being able to see those numbers without having to collapse nodes to see them is useful when judging if a session is getting a bit too "bloated" and it might be time to fork it to a new window or an entirely new session.

I'm not trying to argue, I'm just trying to explain my thinking about why this isn't duplicating existing functionality or introducing a useless bloat.

Regards :)

This block is not for statistic, but to make fact that node is collapsed more prominent.

Imo it's more like a statistic than an indicator for something. This applies specifically to windows. I'm mostly fine with the tabs only displaying the statistics when they are collapsed, but I really do like the idea of having this always in for windows.