Creating new window, when there are no open windows except tabsoutliner, reopens all tabs from previously open window

hernersy 7 years ago updated by MZ Guy 7 years ago 2

It's a really weird thing that happens quite frequently. The workaround I have is to always leave some window open and minimised.

I'm using mac osx and chrome, continue where you left off option is off. To get it to happen follow these steps

1. Close all open windows except for tabs outliner

2. Open a new window, either using tabs outliner or the chrome ctrl/cmd+n shortcut

3. All the tabs from the last window to be closed appear in the new window

í also hate this bug. the workaround is to focus tab outliner window and press ctrl+T (open new tab)
this also occur when all windows (except the outliner one) are closed and something external opens a webpage → all tabs are reopened and copied into a newly opened window. hate this. hoping for a fix.