Double click to close and save open tab

HHest 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

One can already double click on a saved (but closed) tab to open it. The mirror operation would be to close (and save) it with a double click as well. Of course this performs the same action as the green x. However, because we do not need to mouse to that icon, it would be more convenient as well. Thank you.


I think this is too accident-prone. It would be too easy to aim a little off and close a tab that's intended to be opened. Since some use single-click mode, that would make such accidents even more likely. Since form data and other things are lost on close, this isn't harmless.

Hi MZ, thanks for your feedback. About your concerns, note that this action would save as well, i.e. it should be equivalent to clicking on the green x. If one accidentally double-click on a line, all it would do is to close the tab, but not delete it. One would simply need to double click again to undo the action and reopen the tab.

In other words, the only difference between this and the green x is the activation method.

Of course this could be part of the configuration so that those who prefer single click would not receive this behaviour.

Rereading your post again, I noticed I missed your point about "form data and other things are lost on close". This is something that I had not considered because I did not know this could happen. This feature should be an opt-in, anyway, and the appropriate warnings could be put there.

Honestly, in my short time with Tabs Outliner, I have not encountered any instance where I regretted clicking on the green x (except when I first started learning Tabs Ouliner, and did not know how to save the session :). I imagine I would continue to feel the same with this proposed feature.