I need simple, basic instructions

Sally Albright 7 years ago updated by pseula 7 years ago 1

There was a popup when I first installed the extension, but I can find any option to view it again. In fact, I can't find any options at all. I lost all my saved tabs from one tab because I closed that window thinking they would stay in the sidebar, but they didn't. The videos are unhelpful, just a lot of clicking but they don't tell you what they are doing, just a lot of clicking around. Where can I read about how this works?

Was it the help menu that you saw? It appears the first time you open TO, but beside the button to hide it, there is a tick box that is selected by default to "not show on open".

In your Tabs Outliner window, move your mouse toward the bottom until the tool items show themselves - click the ? to the right of the tool icons. Is that what you were looking for?