Bill 7 years ago updated by vladyslav volovyk 7 years ago 1

Tabs Outliner was once rock stable and one of my favorite tools. Now, my system is very different and Tabs Outliner crashes regularly.

Because I want to use Tabs Outliner to back up my Chrome sessions and help me to remember what I need to do, crashes are quite a nuisance. I typically have MANY open tabs. But it used to work just fine.

I want to troubleshoot the problem. I've disabled almost every other extension. What else can I do to identify or fix the problem? I'm NOT saying the fault lies with Tabs Outliner! But that is where the symptom appears.

Thanks for any suggestions!



I need to admit the the trouble is most likely in Tabs Outliner. Recent Chrome changes make it very unstable and leaking memory as hell. But only in case you have huge tree.

this soon fill be fixed.

But for now i recommend to export your current tree to file, reopen this file to check if export complete successfully, then uninstall the extension and install it again - this will clear the database and you will start with new small tree. And hopefully will have 6 more months until it will start to hang and crash again.

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