Vladyslav - Have you thought about open-sourcing this project?

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Tabs Outliner has the potential to be the best browser tool that Google never built -- but you obviously don't have the time to maintain it -- why not open source the project? Many developers like myself would be interested to contribute bug fixes and improvements. It would make the tool much more powerful for users.

I understand that you would like to get paid for your work, but it seems you need a different business model than you currently have to keep up with technical issues like memory consumption, crashes, etc. Consider open sourcing this, and let the developer community help you!


I was thinking the same thing. Cant they just stat one from the ground up and open source it from the beginning?


I'd also like to contribute. And you can keep the money, IMHO. :D Maybe give free subscriptions to contributors or something.


I would contribute


I agree 100% -- I'd be willing to contribute to a fund to essentially buy-out Vladyslav and open source this project. What is the extension ultimately worth to you so that we can get it open-sourced?

It seems that you have all but abandoned this wonderful extension and, though it is amazing as is, it is very disconcerting to know that many of the awesome feature requests your audience has will never be fulfilled.

The closest to an open source Tabs Outliner surely still is https://github.com/cxw42/TabFern

Just coming in and bumping this. Also tossing my name into the "willing to contribute" list

I have the same problem like other users.

so I build an alternative, because I have been struggled for a long time.

It's Link Map, and open source on Github, supporting import from Tabs Outliner.

It's available on:

Chrome Web Store

Edge Web Store

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