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hello, thank your for designing/building this amazing extension. not long after using it I decided to buy the donation key version for the added benefits and to support your work. Although I realize there is/was/were no claims that it would work with any browser, I tried and discovered that Tabs Outliner DOES work with the Vivaldi web browser. to an extent. The only problem is when trying to verify that I have the paid upgrade,I am required to sign into Chrome, and when I click that button, I get this web address: "vivaldi://chrome-signin/?access_point=6&reason=0". Is there some kind of workaround I can use to get my account/paid status verified? Thanks so much in advance.


I'd like to know if there's a work around for this as well. I know Vivaldi doesn't implement the entire Chrome API and hence authorizing works differently. I know other plugins have similar issues; like Google Keep, Calendar and pretty much anything Google-centric.

But, if at all possible - it would be awesome if there was a work around available. I'm hesitant of purchasing as I'm concerned some level of Google specific authentication will be needed in order to verify the purchase - obviously this would fail in Vivaldi


I have been an avid (perhaps even evangelical) user and promoter of vertical/hierarchical tabs for 15 years, and somehow missed this excellent plugin until just recently. I would be more than happy to buy it even if no extra features were added, but frankly the "stuck in chrome" issue is holding me back.

TO is an amazing (obviously one of the best) tools for serious web research available at present, but frankly Chrome is the worst browser for it to be used in. Aside from Chrome's memory hogging issues and ethical implications with Google policies like AMP coming out, the biggest problem is that Chrome does not and will not support a side panel, relegating TO to a kind of floating afterthought window that can be gingerly placed next to a small chrome window, at best. While just barely usable, it inevitably becomes awkward and feels very much like a separate program rather than an organic and excellent tab control, as it would feel like in a FF or Opera/Vivaldi side panel.

I think I'm going to hold off buying this until support is added for Vivaldi. The ease with which I've seen most plugins be ported suggests to me that it is probably a trivial matter, if not simply a matter of the "registration control" system that seems to want to lock it into my chrome sign-in name. Regarding this, perhaps a second addon could be created for Vivaldi to replace the chrome sign-in authentication? Any kind of workaround like this would be acceptable.

In Vivaldi this plugin would actually achieve its potential as an organic and integrated piece of the browser's navigation, and easily allow the kind of amazing navigational assistance and control is promises in the awkward Chrome interface.

+1 to that. I'm also loving to organize tabs in a tree structure.

But I don't like the sidebar idea. Of course I have nothing against it, as long as TO can remain being used as a popup.

I have 4 big displays and it's more confortable to use as a separated window, in a desktop area different from where I place browser window. Sometimes it's also easier to bring browser back to front by DblCliking a tab than clicking on the browser on TaskBar.


Very well put... I completely agree, I really enjoyed TO in the Panel. However, last night I upgraded to the Vivaldi Snapshot release and TO does not work anymore. It didn't seem like a TO specific problem as other Session/Tab Manager Extensions were behaving similarly.

The end result is that clicking on a group of tabs would only open a single tab instead of the all tabs in a group. Also, the window opened looked more like an app window - no tab bar, no extensions area... no right click menu.

TO needs some work to be able to fit into VIvaldi... I don't get the impression that TO is under "active development" anymore. That being said, there's no judgement towards the creator. This is a rather large undertaking for a single person to actively maintain. Then again, that's a good reason to rely on an open source community... But to each his own.

On a slightly unrelated note... There is a 3rd party Tree Tabs style extension[1] that seems to work fairly well. I just started looking at it today - Im not sure how it handles multiple windows yet... if at all.

[1]: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/15332/tree-tabs?page=1


Ah indeed, you seem to be correct about the lack of development. Just breezed through the popular topics, and the latest post from the dev seems to be about 4 years ago, and completed issues aren't even being closed. Though if you look on the Chrome Store page he replied to a comment in February. So apparently this addon is something like quasi-abandonware upon which he's still keen on collecting the (incidentally quite steep) registration price. And again, I wouldn't mind that at all, and would be happy paying twice the price, if it worked in a browser that allowed it to function properly.

Looking elsewhere, Tree Tabs is a good project with a motivated dev, that's in its infancy. Basically the only capability it has at the moment is to move tabs up and down and "in" and "out" of the hierarchy, which seems to be visually modeled on TO in an obvious way. Oh and looking now, it seems to have attained the ability to select and move multiple tabs (which has been "planned" in TO for 4 years), though with some bugs that seem to require a re-install in my browser. It was originally intended as a replacement for Tree Style Tabs on FF, whose future is somewhat questionable for several reasons (see my comment for links). As much as I have been devoted to TST, the readme on GitHub makes it clear that piro is very uninterested in expanding the capabilities of the addon.....which at the cutting edge here, would be potentially expending the very experience of web reading in fundamental ways. Am I the only person who thinks of things like 3d tab visualization webs of searches and related source pages to aid in research?

And as for open source, I doubt anyone would disagree with you (except one). In fact, someone started a port called FFTabsOutliner two years ago, but Vladyslav Volovyk asked them to remove everything related to this plugin, right down to the still-broken image example, and the project seems to be dead.

Sorry to be blunt, but asking $15 for a plugin updated 18 months ago and whose very few issues here have been ignored for years seems...outmoded, to be polite. The person programming Tree Tabs had made it to the basic functionality of this addon in like 2 months, and is open source, and is probably going to work in every browser, and he collaborates with his users astonishingly well. This makes me highly doubt the "this would be so hard to port to Vivaldi" excuse, as so many chrome extensions have done so in a very short time, with little staff.

To be still more blunt, no one will be paying for this in a few months, and I am saying this to encourage Mr. Volovyk to return here and start building on the promise it showed 4 years ago, and making it worth paying a frankly huge app fee over the three or four open-source and free versions available.


>>> but Vladyslav Volovyk asked them to remove everything related to this plugin, right down to the still-broken image example, and the project seems to be dead.>>

This is simple not true.

I asked to remove only my copyrighted materials. Development of the FFTO and many similar ports stopped just because it way complicated than you think to make something like this.

And sure, here will be soon some big updates. Tabs Outliner is still in the development.

And it's not actually a Tree Style Tabs clone

Actually it's was inspired by issues in the other ad-don - Session Buddy

And Just for compassion of what it takes to build such things:

The Drag and Drop and many other features that TO have was promised by developer of Session Buddy for 5 years at a moment i started TO development. And they still absent, 5 years later. 

Vivaldi support is also planed to be released  soon.


That's great to hear TO is still moving forward, Vladyslav.  Thank you for the excellent work.  I'm a paid user of TO on multiple computers, but like other comments here, hate the mini-window mode Chrome forces on it. 

I can use TO in a Vivaldi web panel, but I can't access my paid features, because TO depends on Chrome browser sign-in, which Vivaldi doesn't support. 

When will extension paid mode be working in Vivaldi? And, when will multi-select tabs management be available? 

I totally understand you friend. I'm also a software dev (engineer to be precise) and I see how hard it is to be an independent (indie) developer trying to live from licenses of softwares we build for love of our profession and of having our children being used by ppl we don't even know.

Some ppl (not referring to anybody on this thread, to make it clear) seem to think that software engineering is easy and engineers/developers can simply work thousands of hours and release their software for free.

I work on a company where my skills are wasted mostly building useless reports for managers that don't even know what they want. But they pay me for that, money I earn monthly for certain.

I wish I'd be working to develop relevant softwares used by thousands of ppl in the world. If I didn't have to worry about money, I'd sure be doing it, and releasing them as FOSS.


Hmmm - no action on this in years?

I use Tabs Outliner in Chrome and like it a lot. But if there is no development, I need to start looking for something to replace it with. I am a paid user as well by the way.

Is Tree Tabs still in active development? Is it closer to a viable solution?

Will Tree Tabs work in Vivaldi?


+1 for adding support for other Chromium browsers like Opera and Vivaldi. I suppose TO uses some Google proprietary licensing feature and it'd have to be replaced for some lib that works on Chromium.

Don't be offended when ppl complain that TO is becoming abandonware. It just seems so when it's been months from last update and userecho has threads from years ago with features that were promised and yet not implemented.

Publishing some roadmap/schedule with working features and future updates will help make ppl confident. IDK how many ppl had bought the licence ad how many had installed the free edition, but I suppose that lack of updates and no public roadmap may scare some possible buyers.


I will definitely be buying this for my machines when its available for Vivaldi.  Love the plugin and still very usable as is in Vivaldi but definitely miss being able to use the hotkeys.  Great job and thank you for your hard work!

<Sits and waits patiently>


Looking forward to Vivaldi support :D


I'm typing this in Vivaldi, with TO in a Web Panel, and it rocks.  Such an improvement to the stupid separate window that Chrome forces! 

However, Vivaldi is not Chrome; and the paid version of TO uses Chrome identity to auth.  So I can't use my paid ver, and can't sync via GDrive, and TO doesn't sync with Vivaldi sync.  Bummer. 

And over the many years I've paid for TO, the developer has always been bad at support, updates, improvements, fixes, and status updates.  And just kind of cranky in general when they (very infrequently) do surface and post somewhere:) 

So I continue to use Chrome (which is just a plain poor browser, with horrible vision and feature evolution), and continue to buy TO  (which is like democracy: the worst system, except for all the others). 

But whenever there is a browser that actively develops and supports side tabs (Vivaldi doesn't and seemingly never will, so talking to you now, Edge) I will SPRINT away from TO.

While TO currently works in the sidebar in Vivaldi, it does not open a proper window like in chrome/edge (it's far too wide, with the minimum width=600px). The enormous benefit of getting that to work would be keeping the vivaldi panel open and available for other things such as bookmarks on the opposite side of the browser. Would really really love if TO could open in a proper narrow window to enable this functionality. 


Just some brain storming here

What if we got enough people willing to pay for the paid mode again for Vivaldi, would that give him an extra bit of motivation to do something abt it ? The first Vivaldi paid mode post from 4 yrs ago !!! and author replied 2 years ago saying he was working on it :)

I can see author "active" 4 weeks ago and we have at least 10 ppl here in this forum alone and potentially a lot more watching but not commenting, is it worth his while to solve this problem as I like to use TO on Vivaldi too !!!

It seems to work mostly fine 

Having trouble restoring the tabs I had from a corrupted drive, just doesnt seem to want to accept the files I give it 

And the Google Drive still isn't supported.

I did manage to copy the stuff over after a few hours, randomly coping over everything