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I would love an extension for Brave, the chrome extension (with a lot of work) almost kind of works in brave already. I'm reasonably sure it wouldn't be hard to add support, there also seems to be no way to buy the pro version currently due to the lack of brave being tied to a google account. Love the Extension, keep up the good work :)


(I am posting this so others with this same predicament can see it)
I added TO to the Brave Browser.  Since I am a paid subscriber to TO, I wanted to transfer my key to Brave.  However, I am unable as TO requires sign into my Google acct:
Warning: Chrome is not Signed In.
Is there a way to transfer the key and access google drive.


Yeah, I have the same issue. The plugin works great, I already have a premium key for chrome, but I need google drive. It would be great if we can share the keys via dropbox or something too. I would also pay again if that helps. A workaround with manually adding the keys would also be nice.


I switched to Brave and am facing the same issue as well. Please provide a workaround.

I would recommend a way to grab the license key locally on the computer, at least until pulling it from GDrive or Dropbox while using Brave is available.


Two years and no reply? Ok, I guess I won't buy the paid version of this extension. No problem. 


This is the fault of Brave.  They don't offer browser integration with google accounts.  There is a thread here that documents this.  https://community.brave.com/t/tabs-outliner-paid-features-cannot-be-activated/44145/9

A solution is to abandon Brave and use Vivaldi browser.



Sorry, I just tried using Vivaldi and signing in to Chrome, but it doesn't work on Vivaldi either. In fact, it looks like this isn't working for others on Vivaldi too: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/13288/i-can-t-sign-in-my-google-account/20

Could you explain how you were able to sign in with your Google account on Vivaldi?


How is this the fault of Brave? What do you require the google account browser integration for? Copy protection? Couldn't you do it another way?


For those that found this topic first via search, progress has been made on this issue. Enable chrome sync in brave's settings.



I’ve temporarily fixed this for myself. In my emails, I found a link to apply my original key. (Subject: Your Tabs Outliner Paid Mode License Key). I clicked the link, and it activated without the need for google. That has allowed backups at least, which is what I mostly care about. If you really want to get fully activated, find the extension folder, copy it somewhere else, remove _manifest from it, and load it as an unpacked extension in developer mode. Edit background.js, find function isEmailPemissionPresent, and replace the contents with return true. Find function getIdentityEmailNonInteractive and replace the contents with
var userInfo = {email:"[your email]"}; continue_callback(userInfo);

  • I edited the two functions in background.js as you specified (and commented out the original code)
  • I enabled developer mode in Brave extensions and loaded TabsOutliner unpacked

What did you mean be "remove _manifest"?  I only see a manifest.json file in the extension folder.  If I remove it, the extension will not successfully load at all.  Not even in UNPACKED mode.

What is the process for getting a license key to begin with?  Do I need to first install TO under a Chrome browser while signed in to get a license key and associated emails?

Any update for Brave? How do we back up our extensions?


I don't imagine this will make the difference, but would love to be able to use TO with Brave. Trying to move away from Chrome, but I just can't live without TO so, I'm not going to make the switch until TO works on Brave. I'm hoping I can revive this thread and get some attention to this. I'm a paying/upgraded user.

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