Under review

When will tabs outliner be reachable from chrome web store again?

ratson 6 years ago updated by Jason Allen 6 years ago 7

As of today it is missing and cannot be installed

Under review

Google temporarily disabled it for some reason. 

I am now in process of solving this issue. The extension is under Pending Review process. But i don't know how long it might take.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to reinstall and have access to own data in the cloud until Google will not enable it again as the cloud storage tied to the specific instance.

I hope the issue will be resolved in next few days. 


Is there any way for the extension to be hosted here as a CRX file so that it can be loaded through the chrome developer option? I went to reinstall it the other day and of course that was the day it was disabled :P


I lost my disk last week and was dismayed to find that it was not longer on the Chrome web store.   Hope issues are worked out soon.


All the comments from other users here resonate with me - your tool is a critical part of my web browsing experience, and I thank you deeply for creating Tabs Outliner!

If there is anything we (the Users) can do to help provide feedback or additional detail or petition even to Google to push this through, please let me/us know.

With that said, any update(s) from Google on their pending status? I just got a new machine and dying to download your tool.




Really hard to live without your plugin, had to switch my computer and was shocked. Let's hope everything works out well. 

lucas: I tried it via crx but chrome refuses to install, saying "You cannot install apps, extensions, scripts and blah from this domain". But maybe there's another way, since once it's installed, it works fine (on my other computer).


I hope extension will be unblocked really soon. Somebody at Google initially dont like my too long Description (as i found after maybe 10 emails to them). Now finally looks like they accept my new, very reduced version of Description, but found that i dont post some Privacy Policies (Through i dont actually collect any user data...)
So Tabs Outliner is still under Pending Review but i hope it's the last thing and in few days it will be available again.