Manual backup and restore failed

Alexander Berglund Vokesair 4 months ago 0


I tried to use the manual backup according to: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/tabs-outliner-support-group/eKubL9Iw230/wQXOP1m90NoJ

But I cannot get it to work.

The full story:

This is for my work computers where I don't have the same email in chrome as my home account, so I'm using the free version at work. I have two work computers and reinstalled one yesterday, so previously I made a full backup according to the above link, and also a ctrl-S save.

When I tried to follow the steps I uninstalled TO, which then instantly uninstalled it on both computers as both were logged on. Which means it wiped the database on the other computer as well!

Now the manual database backup dint work at all, but I have the ctrl-S version for the reinstalled computer so that's fine. However the other computer wiped by accident does not have a ctrl-S backup, but I managed to restore the database using windows file backup, but its a day old and the manual backup did not work there either, but somehow now I absolutely have to get the manual way to work in order to restore the tabs on that computer!

Please assist me in restoring the database, thanks!