Make saved tabs as original links instead of the chrome extension links when using The Great Suspender extension to that suspends inactive tabs, or make a similar auto suspend tab feature.

Jon Bean 5 aastat tagasi uuendaja csilvest 3 aastat tagasi 2

I like using this extension but I also like using the great suspender extension to help manage my tabs. I wish they were compatible so that when I copy a tree to another document or text message then it copies the original link and website title instead of the Great Suspender extension link. 


I would like to bump this idea up, especially with the recent removal of "The Great Suspender" (TGS); I have many hundreds of tabs with the TGS URI.  I am able to edit out the TGS stuff (everything from first character to '?uri=' variable, but having to do this every time is annoying as heck.

I'd just like a function that just strips all the TGS stuff off.

If this should be a new post, please let me know and I'll make one.