Microsoft Edge on Chrome - allow sync across OneDrive

Jim0206 vor 1 vor einem Jahr 0

Now that Microsoft Edge is being developed using the chromium engine and it can use Chrome extensions, please can Tabs Outliner support it?

I have installed Tabs Outliner in 'Edge dev', and it seems to be excellent, considering the limitations of chromium in that it will not allow the Tabs Outliner window to be permanently there within the window, like Firefox allows with similar extensions. 

I've recently got a new laptop so am looking at ways that I can work across both desktop and laptop without losing productivity.  Tabs Outliner seems to be an excellent option, and if I can get this sorted then a paid upgrade is a definite.

Regrettably, it does not let me save backups to the google drive, because it is Edge dev not Google Chrome, and I'm logged in to my OneDrive account, not my Google account.  I use Edge for different things than Google Chrome.

I am also now planning to use it in Google Chrome, and in that, Tabs Outliner runs separate from the instance in Edge beta, and happily allows me to select my google account to backup to.