UX issue: trash button in same place as suspend button

Hikari 11 months ago 0

I've been using TO for a few days and am loving it more as more I test and use it.

One issue I'm facing is that the suspend button - green X - is hidden in suspended tabs. This is a UX issue, because these buttons are right aligned, so when suspend button is hidden, trash button takes its place.

It's very very risky of wanting to click the suspend button and end up clicking the trash. This can happen in 2 situations: I wanna click the existing suspend button of a tab, and a misposition leads to another tab, that's alrdy suspended, and I trash this suspended tab. Second: I click the suspend button and immediately the trash takes its place, and a misclick deletes that tab.

There are some UX solutions for that, like the ugly old confirmation dialog, or keeping trash button disabled and require a few seconds hovering it for it to be enabled, but this one breaks in case of quicly trashing a series of tabs - which is also the highest risk of trashing wrong ones.

I think the best would be just to move them away. Separate them with some space, maybe place the rename in middle of them. And not hide suspend button, just disable it when the tabs is suspended.