Open window with only active tabs without holding Alt

Hikari 11 months ago 0

I've read many vladyslav.volovyk's answers saying that Alt-DblClick feature for opening a window keeping suspended tabs is an unofficial feature.

Anyway it's here and I love Tabs Outliner, so I just bought its license. Thanks a lot for the hard work!

Still, I should ask that this behavior would be the default one and should happen when DblClicking a window without requiring Alt. It's simply expected by a user that a tab he suspended should remain so when he opens the window back.

I have some articles that I find on Google or links from other articles or from RSS, that I wanna read but aren't priority. By organizing tabs in trees I can organize them by priority. And of course I'll keep active only the current article I'm reading and leave all the others suspended. Some articles I take over a month to start reading.

Yeah, I have A LOT of tabs and Tabs Outliner is becoming my main browsing tool as I'll slowly move tabs from Firefox to Chrome.

The problem of DblClicking a window without Alt and activating all tabs isn't just the trouble of RAM and CPU spent to open all of them, or the slowness it causes, or the time spent suspending all of them one by one again. The main trouble is to find which article I was reading before!

Anyway, I've just tested backup viewing, and it was greatly implemented. For anyone who'd read this in the future - I'm reading some 6yo posts that are still useful -, when you buy the license you're able to backup the whole tree and view each backup. This viewing opens a new popup with the same layout of real Tabs Outliner. From this view, we can move any node to TO, restoring it. If I happen to open a window without Alt and lose which tab was suspended or active, I can just go to last backup and move this window to TO and delete the mis-opened one, and when I Alt+DblClick this restored one I'll have all my nice tabs all organized again! :D