How to automatically synching session between PCs

Hikari 11 months ago 0

IDK if I'm doing it wrong, so I'll try to best detail how I'm testing it.

TRDL: I'm able to view GD backups and manually copy (restore) windows and tabs. But when I save a GD backup on a PC it's not automatically restored on other PCs.

I bought TO yesterday and am testing it to synch between Main PC, Secondary PC and laptop. I started using it on Main PC, where I created first window and its first tabs. I then tried it on laptop, and when I activated it it didn't restore windows. I believed it was because I started using it before buying license, so I manually restored it. But then when I got back to Main PC it also didn't automatically restore last backup I did (manually) on laptop.

I decided to move to Secondary PC, it's easier to make tests on it. I installed Chrome, logged on Google and activated its synch. Automatically Chrome installed my extensions, some of them opened tabs with presentation pages, TO was installed too. I allowed TO to connect to my Google account and it got activated without requiring to open the setlicensekey page.

And TO didn't synch its session. I then opened its settings and went to backup tab. Viewed latest backup and moved the MyWindows group to TO's Current Session. MyWindows group has 2 windows.

When I Alt+DblClick a window, it properly opened leaving suspended those tabs that were so.

Then I opened a new tab and opened wikipedia. Created a note and moved this tab to that node. From this tab I opened some links. And made a new backup clicking Backup Now.

Back to Main PC, opening settings I see the backup I made, and viewing it I see the note and its tabs. But it wasn't automatically synched to TO.

Shouldn't TO automatically synch when a backup is made? Or is automatic synch done other way? Or isn't there any kind of automatic sync and every time I change PCs I'll have to manually view latest backup, delete MyWindows group from TO and move this group from backup view to TO?