Tabs repository that's stored directly on GDrive with no risk of desynch

Hikari 11 months ago 0

Ok, looks like it's indeed not possible to keep TO automatically synched among multiple PCs, and on my tests I've had some cases of Alt+DblClick not working properly for no apparent reason and all suspended tabs getting opened when a window is.

So, what I did to try to keep under control these 2 issues was to create a group (I've read some reasonable amount of texts about group x window and still am unable to understand the difference) and move to it all my suspended tabs. I currently have 2 windows, 1 for Main PC and 1 for laptop, and expect to create more 1 or 2.

What I'm doing is keeping each window exclusive to its PC, and keeping them as much as possible with only those tabs that I'm using, and everything else is suspended and moved to Storage group. This achieves 2 things:

1) Since I don't open the same window on more than 1 PC, I'll never have to get these windows updated/resynched when moving from 1 PC to the other. At maximum I need to view them on a backup and take out some tab I was using and forgot to move to Storage. With windows having few tabs, it's also easy to compare and see if they aren't outdated or some tab got lost.

2) When I need to reopen a window, like when opening Chrome, I won't have to worry with suspended tabs getting opened, because usually there won't be any or just a very few. Storage group can be opened as a window, but I never do so.

A little mess still remains, that is keeping Storage group synched. I still need to always make a manual GDrive backup when leaving a PC, and on the other PC having to manually delete its local Storage and copy backed up one to it. If I forget to make a manual backup, I may get screwed, depending on how outdated the last backup is and how many tabs were added and removed from it.

So I came up with this idea, of having a tabs repository that's stored directly on GDrive and never stored on local TO and that's not possible to be opened as a window. Having it stored uniquely on the cloud, there's no need for using backups as synchs. It needs to be backed up, of course, but only for the normal backup purpose.

Of course this storage needs to be editable, being able to put, take out and move tabs on it. It'd need to have its own popup window separated from TO, and keep checking GDrive for possible changes made on another PC. Any change would be directly saved on GDrive and as soon as possible detected and reflected on other Chromes that have it opened.

Note this is not a team collaborative feature, so it doesn't need to expect to be edited simultaneously on multiple Chromes. Even if the user is using multiple Chromes at the same time (VNC remotely controlling another PC, VM, etc) he should have full control of the tool and when editing on one be able to make a manual update on others.