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James Peck 5 years ago updated by Daniel Huffstutler 5 years ago 12

My tabs outliner extension crashed (chrome said it was corrupt). When I repaired the extension, i was logged out of my account, with no way of logging back in. The crash caused me to lose my current list of tabs, and I cannot restore my backups without having a paid version activated, but I can't login to my paid version! Please help!!


Same here and I've seen at least three other comments about it. Looks like something is very broken and so far I dont think anyone has heard back yet. 

Thanks Jeremy, 

I have repurchased a licence, just so I could restore my backup.... will be sending them a request for reimbursement.


Note that this is also being discussed here:


I noted that I could still access my Google Drive Backup files from the Settings/Options even after the crash & repair (maybe because I'm logged into the same Google account in

A user in the webstore comments that you CAN restore your paid account access - from your original purchase email*.

That worked for me.

The email I received back in 2018 had the Subject: " our Tabs Outliner Paid Mode License Key"

- and the activation link still worked today.

I can't restore my account even with the original email. Everything goes correctly except that it no longer recognizes my email. Yes, I've checked and double checked. I'm logged in to google with the correct email. I'm left at a page that says "Current Chrome profile email does not match present Paid Mode License Key" among other things, all irrelevant. From there it invites me to "Drop Invalid License Key & Switch To Purchase Screen". I've sent email to the CS addy, no response. I wonder if Vlad has been killed in the current Ukrainian troubles.

Happened twice yesterday, had to repair it twice, reentered the license key URL in the original purchase mail (made it a bookmark in the meanwhile as I expect no changes on the short term). All local backups were gone unfortunately, but gdrive backups were there.
I recommend to make frequent, manual backups after big reorgs or changes of the tree.

<Edited:  rubbish removed.>


NB: the mail used for receipt of the license key does NOT have to be the same as the gmail address linked to that particular Chrome profile (In my case, it isn't, and it works without a prob)

So, how does one find/restore the original 'Chrome' for which the license was produced? I know what the profile is, but finding exactly which one is not easy either. What exactly is the Chrome ID? Where to find what is the original, and how to restore it. Why would the Chrome ID change? Would it be related to the version?

Re mail addresses. How to find which one is expected? This sounds inconsistent because the recovery/activation sequence makes specific reference to the Chrome email login account.

The first part of what I wrote regarding the Chrome ID was just rubbish, I just edited the text.

The Chrome ID I was referring to is more accurately named: "Current Chrome Profile Serial Number" and is automatically listed when purchasing a license key (try it out with a different profile. (What I wrote before was rubbish, as it is the ID of the profile, not Chrome itself (just checked it again on two PCs to be sure).
It says also "This number must be filled automatically by Tabs Outliner, please don't change or edit it. It will be embedded in the license key and used to validate it against your Chrome Profile.".

What is true though is that when you use TO on >1 machine witih the same profile, you wll have >1 local backup directory. So, restoring the history on another machine than the last one used to make a backup will almost surely lead to a loss of data. This is a connected issue (backup-restore), but different problem though (>1 machines wanting to make us of the same TO database).

Regarding the email address: it is not inconsistent, but you should be aware of it. I linked my cc to one gmail address, but wanted to purchase it for the profile using another gmail address. Obviously the license key and URL is linked to the latter, although the mail with the URL is sent to the former email address.

I no longer have the email I originally received so I don't have the link or the license key saved anywhere. Having said that it look like you can recover your license key from Fast Spring - you just need to shoot an email to their customer support department. 

  • I lost my Serial Number / License Key.

Can someone post their activation link with the key edited out? Something like: tabsoutliner.com/key/XXXXXXX. I want to try subbing my license into the URL once Fast Spring support gets back to me.

Side note: I did some digging and it looks like Vlad (the developer of the app) was active on the app at least couple months ago. 

Jeremy, where did you find Vlad active? Wondering how to get his attention.

Here's my activation link w/o the key: <http://tabsoutliner.com/setlicensekey?tabsoutlinerkey=XXXXX...>

What looks to be the license key on the activation em doesn't look anything like the XXXX... The activation em gives an order number. The activation key resembles a random string very long.

I guess I feel better that I'm not the only one who has to Repair my Tabs Outliner once or twice a day.

Hoping a fix is coming soon.

Just realizing it hasn't been updated since July 2018, so 14 months ago. I suspect it is not being actively supported anymore.

I'm not sure what happened. It may have been me 're-syncing' all my Chrome extenstions (turning on and off), but I got it restored again. I found that idea online somewhere related to TO no syncing. I was able to access my former backups and then copy one of them into my current TO window/tab. That allowed me to back it up again and it 'seems' to be working OK.