tree copy to Excel problem

Dusan Nemecek 2 months ago 0

Summary : Some characters and words like <title> or <object> in web page names or addresses seems can break TO tree (at least) while copy to Excel or Word.

Hello Vladyslav, I finally returned to inspect TO problems discussed since 2017, please understand that TO is the best application but keeps my pearls inaccessible for years in unstructured tree. Hope somebody else find it helpful and sorry for two days log of attempts below because the first I thought I misunderstood help description.

Note that more accurate instructions about possibility of tree backup and copy, is TO only paste whole tree from backup to „Current Session“ as new „giant node“, then due to lack of time or laziness might be covered by many next nodes (like here 8908), mostly of „Window (crashed“ origin, and TO offer no support to reorganize it.

Here is about 45000 nodes to clean and organize, 34724 in the “Tabs Outliner Backup saved” window and next more 12540 in active “Tabs Outliner” window. Is Not possible to do by hand and want no more to insert this backup to active tree - because happened repeatedly, TO database collapsed broken within a few days.

I left this log because seems somewhere migh be also some to me unknown mistakes.

Excel I choosed because is clearly visible to tune sort and structure based on my own tags like $Title.

Problem : Can't get the appropriate result of tree copy to Excel 2016 xlsx/xlsm table.

Picture – snippet FAQ “How to export the tree”:

Picture - TO and Excel snippets with inserted copy of tree:

Note that on the left is tree copy from active "Tabs Outliner" window and from "Tabs Outliner Backup saved" on the right.

Backup .tree file was saved by me in 2018 related to TO database failures followed by many TO reinstallations and transition to new clean tree. Backup is opened by TO menu function button "Export Tree to File" and "View Exported Tree".

Seems backup window is powered by TO, is opened with all-nodes expanded and is possible to move nodes, is not possible to edit descriptions and save any changes, window has no TO menu, then is not possible to use button to expand all nodes.

Problem is visible difference Excel lines and tree nodes, active tree of 12540 get 860 rows and Backup of 34724 get 5696.

Note that the same get by using mouse (drag&drop) and keyboard Ctrl+C+V and also with nodes collapsed or expanded.

Started wandering with active TO tree (left) and found the last tree node displayed and past also to Word 2016 and raw text (Notepad++):

Note that raw text contains correct number of tree lines and in Word follows only indentation without data.

Copy of raw text which is causing a break :

Bindings 101: Where to mount Telemark bindings (Part I) - Telemark Talk / Telemark Tips Forum Telemark Talk / Telemark Tips Forum • Backcountry, Nordic, Cross-Country, XCD and Frontside skiing • USA, Canada, France, Europe (http://www.telemarktalk.com/viewtopic.php?t=1870)

Repaired raw text (self-repaired by opening page):

Bindings 101: Where to mount Telemark bindings (Part I) - Telemark Talk / Telemark Tips Forum (http://www.telemarktalk.com/viewtopic.php?t=1870)


Next search in the tree of backup:

Two tree nodes contains this text and also key-wordl like text <object>.

Both edited in raw text to "< object >" and .tree file saved.



Next stop:

Seems failure converting of .tree file by TO because mischmasch name with link.

Only strange found this quotations inside of link supplied by Siemens PDF generator:

Repair by change data of link to something general (edit in raw text):


As result I guess it is necessary to export-import .tree file or access TO database.

Mainly because "backup copy" is very vulnerable and also are Not copied user describtions of tree nodes, are copied only describtions of structure nodes, but without its types.

I can’t recognize .tree file as any common database text file, help or tips welcome, docu would be greately appreciated, and conversion utility or tool would be amazing..