Paid email not recognised

John Hill 4 years ago updated by Louis Croisez 3 years ago 4

Hello. I've seen that there's been issues in the past where Chrome has not been recognised as using the same email account as the licence for TO, but I couldn't find one in the past few years, so I started another. I've emailed support with no response, so was hoping someone here might be able to help?

Search for the TO paid email confirmation link sent to your email address, when you bought it and click on that link. 

I resolved it by the doin the above.


Thanks very much for your help, but still says it's invalid. Is the developer still around?

I did same as ACVEER mentioned, worked okay (Chrome on Windows 10). Just make sure to open the activation URL link from the licence payment email in the same browser as you have Tabs Outliner extension installed on and have the extension enabled, and its window open too. 

and what if I lost this confirmation email ?