tabsoutliner.com registration was updated on 2020!

Hikari 4 years ago updated by Rogerio Souza 3 years ago 1

Hello kind TO premium users mates.

I've had some times where TO license gets broken and has to be re-registered. When Chrome is opened after a PC reboot, TO window just suggests being registered and its premium features are turned off.

It's not a big deal compared to other issues, all we gotta do is open in a new tab our https://tabsoutliner.com/setlicensekey URL, and it's back registered.

But there's this issue, registering our license requires entering on a registration server under tabsoutliner.com domain. Once the host subscription or domain registration expires, we won't be able to re-register our licence, in the case of reinstalling Chrome or registration breaking again. That's a big issue, as TO owner is long gone and hasn't even logged on this forum for over a year.

I just figured that, and rushed to see how much time we had until the domain ownership is taken by its registrar. And, for my surprise, it was renewed on 2020! 2020-02-06, 1 month before it'd expire!

That means vladyslav.volovyk didn't bother to do a simple login on the forum to see what his paying users have been saying, but had the time and money to renew his domain!

It's first of all an evidence that he hadn't died at all. That's a relief, and now we have our license server available at least until 2021-03, as long as the hosting is also renewed!

But, if he is alive and active enough to login on Namecheap and renew the domain, why is he silent? Why did he stop developing the extension? Why couldn't he at least come here and read my post asking for him to open the source? Why is the premium edition still available for buying, if there's no update for 3 years and no relevant word from him for even more years?!

Well, this got me pissed. I still have hundreds of tabs stored on TO and I wanna move them out and uninstall Chrome before the year ends.