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I can't find this anywhere: what's the price of the paid version?


The price is different depending on your country (because of different taxes and e-commerce operators commissions) it must be in a $15-$20 range.

But, sorry, if you cannot open the shopping cart page because you are not willing to be SignedIn to Chrome you will not be able to use the paid features. That is why I prefer not even allow to purchase the paid mode without validating this fact upfront (refunds is actually very costly).

I plan to address this problem later, maybe by creating a version which will not require Chrome Sign in. as really maybe I lost some money on this (though knowing how much work it requires I am not that sure). But need to note that for example Chrome Application is not possible even to install without being SignedIn to Chrome. Tthe future of this tool is definitely in this direction, we are actual will be forced to move in this direction, note that extensions are not even present now on the front pages of the Chrome Web Store.

Some important for Tabs Outliner future features and the needed Chrome APIs depend on the chrome SignIn infrastructure, not to mention that it makes many things just much simply from the developer point of view (read - I need to commit several hundreds of hours to make it usable for rare users who need to use it without being SignedIn).

I understand some users desire not being signed in, I myself if for true SignedIn in my main Chrome profile only shortly after the paid mode release (as I use the same version as everyone else, as my primary information database). But really, actually if you were not used Chrome SignIn before for anything important it just make things simple for you to actually start doing so. As, you can use for SignIn ANY email, it might be not your primary email but just some email that you will then utilize for many useful things, for example, to install others Chrome Applications and to work with Tabs Outliner. You can disable all synchronizations (passwords, bookmarks, autocompletes, anything), the result will be practically identical to not signed in chrome, so no remote access to your passwords and important services (actually it's possible even with primary email), except it, will be signed in and greatly simplify as your as my life : )

Best Regards



Thanks for the price info. I am not sure why you wrote so much about signing into Chrome though. I'm always signed into Chrome with my email address, and didn't mention anything about it in my question....


Wondering why then just not open the shopping cart to see the price yourself? : )

Anyway, this is a general response, most of the users who ask just cannot open the page because of the SignIn issues. So I think it will be useful for who will read this thread.

And of course, all who previously donate or help with proofread eligible for free keys,I just sent emails for these very few who do, but sorry if I forget somebody. Please remind me for this by sending a request for key on support@tabsoutliner.com

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What I didn't do is provide my email address after clicking "buy". I didn't want to provide my email address before assessing the purchase price. I thought you were referring to the Chrome sign in via browser interface.

I'm any case, thanks for the info. My gut feeling is that you'll have more revenue with a slightly lower price. I think if you price closer to what people are accustomed to with smartphone apps, say $8, you'll get 5x as many buyers. That's just my opinion though, and not a criticism.


Thanks for the clarification about email, that's was interesting. Well, you maybe already read that the requested email was not stored nor send outside of your PC,

As for the price discussion, will post there my response to some user who also suggest lowering the price to something like 2-3 EUR:
There is only a very small community of active users. If I charge them a pair of euros this will have no any effect and will not change anything at all. For who use this tool daily the price actually is not that important, it's not some toy from iOS store that you will buy, use one time, and then forget. You need to invest a lot (in terms of time and attention) to even start using this, the $15 after that is just nothing if the tool really becomes useful, and there are some users who just cannot browse anymore without it and use it daily, I am one of them. I plan to raise the price when there will be more features. And definitely I don't want that the users who see no any value in this tool to shape its future, so the adequate price also helps with prioritizing future developments and understanding what the core users of this tool really needs.

The whole level of discussion around software prices is just sad, people become accustomed to $1 prices and completely free tools, and just not realising that this disables a whole spectrum of interesting productivity tools and the great self-sustained work for developers who have interesting ideas. Especially in cases when the target group of users is very narrow and niche (but that does not mean that they do not need the solutions for own problems badly!). I myself have some awesome ideas of completely new productivity tools (for everyday use), but after understanding the situation I am unfortunately unlikely even start such work.

Though i am not saying you are wrong and maybe changes in price might have some effect, definitely not 5x... but... anyway, actually there is many strong advocates with real statistics that suggest that the optimal price is close to $30, like $29.95 close.... I asked some users who pay and they confirm that the price is not an issue for them in any way. Definitely $15 is slightly not affordable for users of the some less developed countries. Though even for them it's nothing unmanagable. Meantime I have a lot of other issues to play with, the payment process with dozen of consent screens is one of them.

There is only a very small community of active users. If I charge them a pair of euros this will have no any effect and will not change anything at all. For who use this tool daily the price actually is not that important, it's not some toy from iOS store that you will buy, use one time, and then forget. You need to invest a lot (in terms of time and attention) to even start using this, the $15 after that is just nothing if the tool really becomes useful, and there are some users who just cannot browse anymore without it and use it daily, I am one of them. I plan to raise the price when there will be more features. And definitely I don't want that the users who see no any value in this tool to shape its future, so the adequate price also helps with prioritizing future developments and understanding what the core users of this tool really needs.

Agree with this statement. I'd say typical users are power users, and power users see the benefit in paying a relatively small price for a piece of software that does exactly what you want it to do. Ammortise even $40 over how many hours you will be using the extension, and you'll see that it's actually quite cheap (yet people still pay $25 for a crappy 2 hour movie.. go figure).

It's getting a bit complicated, but maybe create tiers?


Your answer about the price of your product is completly fallacious : you're stuck in an egocentrical mentality, where you think you're the only developer giving people a valuable tool. 

Let me clarify you the situation : a vast majority of people don't have enough money to invest more that 15$ per month on computing softwares, giving that they're not rich (heard about low-class and poverty ?) and they are already paying Video On Demand and many services. But they need more and more softwares or tools to correct the mediocrity of other softwares like browsers for instance. So it means that they intend to have the possibility to buy multiple softwares with that 15 bucks.

So, paying 20$ for just a single sofwtare is completly out-of-question, giving that they are already investing in many 1$ apps as you mentioned. And they won't pay extra 20$ for a new app, just because the guy who developped it close himself in a so-called "philosophy of good programming", and believing in his self-suggested opinion that his software will be better if sold higher, or that people will use it "with more attention and/or respect" if they ruin themselves". You know, not everybody has a job or a good job.

"but... anyway, actually there is many strong advocates with real statistics that suggest that the optimal price is close to $30, like $29.95 close...."

This assertion is a myth : the optimal price is close to 3$, just between 1$ and 5$, because it is the price of ONE OF THE MULTIPLE software that people want in a monthly use of their computer. People will never, NEVER, pay a 15$ or 30$ software in a month if it not completly ESSENTIAL (meaning : an antivirus, or things like that), and if they didn't already pay some software in the previous weeks. You're stuck in an old business mentality of big enterprises trying to sold a product. Today, it's people who sold products and services, and you're not an enterprise.

"I asked some users who pay and they confirm that the price is not an issue for them in any way"

Are you kidding ? HAHAHA. You just asked to your richfull friends...

I'm sad because I love your extension and I would have liked to talk with you about a few improvments, but when I see your mentality I think it doesn't worth to spend my time with you.

Plus, you don't honnestly answer to people's question about giving our e-mail address BEFORE seing the prices, defending yourself with the idea that you gave a message warning that this won't be use but for generating a serial, when we all know that other websites display prices on a page before sending people to a paid chart, and when we all suspect, by intuition, that it is a kind of e-mail address harvest for selling it to spammers.

So, do the math :

- Being an asshole thinking in MAC business-model, and forcing N people to pay 20$.

- Or lowering the price to 2$ and having Nx5 people very happy to have you as a software provider.

Pesonnally, I have made my choice since years. And that's a real valuable philosophy.


The level of the price is something you are in the best position to evaluate, but I heartily agree that the need to starts steps towards the purchase process before learning at least the price range creates suspicion and possibly distrust. Do you really feel that advising the price as in the range of ($x to $y depending on your local taxes) will stop people proceeding?

Saying that the email will not be stored does not help anyone uncertain that the claim is true, so does not help anyone feeling uncertain by the lack of any indication of the pricing at all.  Creating the feeling the process is being secretive is not helped by statements of 'do not worry, we are good guys'.


I'm a UX/DX Developer and Marketing Representative, and I think we're getting balled up in the aesthetics of things...  I too found it suspicious that I had to go into the cart to get the price...  I bet your cart abandonment rate is in the 90 percentile.  That's an easy fix.

More important than that though, is where is the guarantee behind your product?  Going through your sales funnel, not only did I not know what it was going to cost me, but I didn't know what I was getting and I didn't know what I could do about it if I changed my mind for any reason.

The initial security a company creates for their potential buyer defines how much that person is willing to pay for that item or service. 

Ex.  If you have a crappy product, but a killer support team to help troubleshoot things and a no questions moneyback guarantee, your cart abandonment will go down, sales will increase and most importantly, consumer retention will automatically be higher. Consumer loyalty will automatically be higher.

The initial psychology is wrapped around the concepts of "risk" vs "value" (value = what a person is willing to pay).


With that, because I too abandoned the cart, I'll give you my 2 cents worth of knowledge and advice.  My recommendation would be:

A 30 day, no money, no credit card trial should be offered.  A signup form should be easy and nonthreatening.

1. Upon signing up for the trial, a welcome email including documentation, support numbers, links to support forums, use cases, etc...  Let the user know you will check in in 15 days, but they can feel free to reach out sooner.

2. Day 15, an email gets sent with an individual case manager's information / contact / image should be sent with a auto-generated, but custom email seeing if they have had an opportunity to test the product (If not, offer to pause the trial).  If yes, ask if they are having problems.  If yes, have them set up an appointment for their case manager to call them and address all within the trial.

3. Day 27, an email gets sent to reming them to add their credit card for payment, offer links to sign up for monthly billing and adding auto-pay.  Also, get feedback on the process so you can do better.

4. Upon Payment, an email goes out "Congratulations" and "Thank You" must be present along with a list of common resources for commonly asked questions.

5. On Day 31 if no payment is made, a simple "Sorry to see you Go" email should be sent with a 50% off offer for the same package and a gateway to run that transaction.

6. Depending how desperate you are for sales, on day 45 you could email the potential client offering up to 90% off for 1 year.


If I were you, I would put a litte note on the "Upgrade to Paid Mode" page that the actual price depends on fees and taxes and that it should be in the $15-20 range. A lot of people feel alienated if they are asked to click on a buy button without having any idea at all what the price will be. They might even think you intentionally don't tell them the price to make them move ahead in the purchasing process, which would be a bit shady. If you put that little note there, before they have to click the buy button, they both get a general idea of what the price will be and they will also understand that there is a perfectly innocent explanation for why you don't show the actual price.

Since you also brought up Chrome SignIn, there is another reason why people don't sign in, besides not wanting to: Tabs Outliner works well with other browsers that are compatible with Chrome extensions, but those naturally don't allow you to "sign into Chrome". I, for instance, use Tabs Outliner with Opera and am therefore sadly prevented from purchasing it. Sure, Opera does not have a huge market share, but the kind of people who use a non-mainstream browser are much more likely to be the kind of power user who would pay $20 for a browser extension.

Furthermore, Mozilla recently announced that Firefox will support Chrome extensions soon. If you can make (most of) the paid features work without having to be signed into Chrome, you can significantly increase your customer base.


"significantly increase your customer base. "

: ))))
Yeh, like for 5 additional users : ))))

Anyway, i plan to create a version which will not require chrome SignIn, At least for purchase....


The problem isn't Chrome Sign-In, it's that your page has you explicitly click "purchase" in order to find out the price; that's a bridge too far for many people. It feels like poor form.

You go to the store to buy a new TV and find one you wish to purchase, but it has no price; you go to the clerk to ask how much it costs, and he says "you'll have to take out your wallet and start the purchase to find out, but don't worry -- we can cancel if you wish". That's where we are right now. Except there is no promise before the user clicks "Purchase" to even inform them that canceling is an option.


I agree with what people say about the buy button.

I haven't decided if i'm going to buy paid mode yet. This plugin seems like it could be a good fit for me, and something I can start use on a regular basis. But how the step over to paid version is done almost made me stop using this plugin completely. The process to go to the paid version looks "shady", as a comment said earlier. For me to use a plugin I want to feel a overall level of trust.

It's important that a buyer has a very clear overview of the buying process. Since there is a one-way "Allow Email Access and ..." button before seeing the price, I would recommend to include a simple text showing the overview of the buying process. For example I would have a main header "Upgrade to Paid Mode" followed by a smaller heading "Paid mode includes:", then followed by "Payment process and pricing:". In the payment process and pricing I would give an overview of the process but also explain the thing with why the plugin need access to the email adress. Maybe you should change validation method to something simpler to explain, like confirming you own the email adress with oauth... Or an email verification etc...

If possible you should write the price clearly. Maybe use same currency for every user? Or use some kind of API that will import the price? Or estimated price based on currency calculator. I guess you have a static price in some kind of currency, probably Ukraine currency, just display that, and people can convert them selves.

If not displaying the price is an option at all I would change the buying button. Instead of writing "Buy Paid Mode License Key". I would write "Go to shopping cart / View Price". So people understand there will be further steps before making the payment.

Long message, just wanted to give some love / help. :)


Jakob, thanks for putting it so clearly and succinctly. I'd also like to suggest a "donation" option -- frankly I don't have a use for any of the paid features, for me T.O. is a staple but one I use for personal use. I'd gladly donate $5 to the project in exchange for absolutely nothing, if a method were provided.. but I'm still not clicking a "buy" button that doesn't tell me how much I'm committing to.

FYI: there are various providers, including Google, which offer APIs which convert prices between currencies on-the-fly using the current exchange rate. You could use one of them to display the price on the BUY button.


Unfortunately this kind of on-the-fly converted price would not take into account extra fees related to the payment processor used, so it's much more complicated sadly.


Just a few words as someone who recently found this: I do need some form of tab management and I already found one nice option before this one. I thought I'd give them both a try and looking at the videos it seems Tabs Outliner can do a bit more than the other one although both give me lots of tools I really need to manage my browsing.

As you mentioned, picking one to actually use requires commitment. It's not easy to start using a totally new tool and before doing that you need to be sure you actually want to go that way. Finding out there's a "paid mode" I had to figure out if it was something I needed and to consider that committing to this application would eventually mean I would have to buy it. So I clicked the buy button to see how much it'd cost. The next page still doesn't tell me the price or any idea what it'd be, but requires me to provide my email address to someone I know nothing about. I would have to take at face value the claims it's not used for anything. Even more, I can't just use any of the disposable email addresses available to me, it has to be my primary email address (because that's what's bound to my google account). You can appreciate why I didn't proceed. So I went to google around and found this page.

I'm ok with the other tool I found but from a very brief overview it seems Tabs Outliner is a slightly better option. $15-20 is not out of the question if it really IS good but $30 - forget it. I have paid that much for a couple of actual real applications, I wouldn't pay that much for an extension. Even $20 is stretching it but I do want to support developers when they do good work.

I do think you'd get more purchases with a sub-$10 pricing (especially if you are willing to give some indication of the price without having to provide your email address to see it) but I also get your point and the $15-20 pricing doesn't see too excessive (for an addon) but I doubt I'd be willing to put that much money towards "just" an addon. Just let me know if the pricing is about to go up to $30-range so I can just forget about it right away and concentrate on the other addons available.

One of the biggest annoyments right after 10 seconds of using it seems to be that the only way to open the Tab Outliner window is to click on the far right corner - and then scroll all the way to left side. That doesn't make sense. There should at least be a keyboard shortcut for that in the free version, currently starting to learn this is going to give me a carpal tunnel syndrome. :P I didn't see from the paid mode ad that there was a key for that. Is there? Or is there some better way to access the TO?

I still have no idea what the exact cost will be. I guess I'll create a bogus Google account and try with that. :P



My apologies for having to put up with the unlimited degree of small thinking ( i could have said small minded, but chose not to ) individuals, with unlimited simplistic suggestions and advice. I see that you finally stopped responding..2 things i like about that, first, simply for what it is @ face value, second because now I need not suggest it, which would make me just one more who suggests outward while neglecting inward.

What I will say next certainly does not deserve to be repeated.. unless it is considered from another, and normally I hesitate or would not even consider saying -- but that for some reason is not the case.. perhaps finally ( be it good or bad ) but when considered from another perspective the words can be used productively.. and I'm confident that at least one other will find a simple humor in the words as well..

Vladyslav.volovyk write to me if you want to know what I was going to say.. to much effort in this without knowing if it will get to its' intended target.. hope to hear from such a brilliant developer and other things most certainly.





I have to agree with everything Esko wrote 3 years ago, all of which seems to be just as true today. I landed here, because, I, too, wanted to know the price and don't want to grant access to my Chrome profile. The fact that it even asked for this made me very suspicious about it.

I see here that it appears to be legit, which is good. Unfortunately, it costs much more than I'm willing to pay for a utility of this kind. I literally have hundreds of little utilities, applets, iOS apps, extensions, etc. that I have purchased. And the typical price I have paid is under $5. A few very good / useful ones I have paid up to $10. And I have numerous excellent ones that are free.

I like Tabs Outliner, and would be willing to pay $5 for it. But at $15-$20, I won't be a paying customer, unfortunately. I agree with others who think that you would make more by actually lowering the price, as many people are accustomed to lower prices, and simply will pass on anything over $5-$10.

I'll also tell you that I have purchased literally hundreds of *full*Mac OS apps as parts of bundles, where the typical per-app cost is in the $3-$5 range. And I've probably never even opened 75% of the ones I've purchased. This is the flip side of the pricing. If something is $3 or less, I'll immediately pay for it, even if I think there is only a 20% chance I might like / use it. I'm very willing to take a chance on almost anything at that price point.

(I keep an eye out for sales, too, and just purchased / upgraded a bunch of software over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend.)

I do understand that development is expensive and developers have a right to charge whatever they want. However, I look at it from the perspective of how useful it is to me, and how long I think it'll be useful to me. (For example, Tabs Outliner is becoming less useful to me over time, as Chrome improves in features and performance. And I might not even stick with Chrome (I only switched to it a while back due to performance issues with Safari at the time – which have now been resolved.)

Price this at $5, and you'd have a sale to me. And I imagine *many* others who wouldn't think twice about spending that. But at $15-$20, I think people are much more reluctant and will make darn sure this is really benefitting them *a lot* before shelling out.

Just my $5.02, FWIW.


...decided to pay for it anyway just to support the developer. The price ended up being ~14e which is fine by me. What confuses me is that the license is now bound to an email account that is NOT the one I used to sign in to Chrome. It works, so screw it, but it picked an email address and even less happy to share around. I'd very much like to decide myself which account I want the license to be bound to.


tell him,

email him.

let him know..

the guy is spot on certainly super intelligent in the realm of programming, which you recognized and rewarded.. Respect on you and for you on that.


There is a lot of passionate discussion on this page, with a simple solution from Jacob buried in the middle:

Instead of writing "Buy Paid Mode License Key"

write "Go to Shopping Cart / View Price".

I, too, am very wary of giving my email address, any email address, before I know the price. I have read "advice" on "How To Make Money On The Internet" that tells people to get the email address first, so you can send them junk mail forever, even before you tell them what the product does.

Because that kind of thinking is loose in the world, it means you have to work very hard to be clear to your customers that you are not one of them.

Vlad has explained that the price differences are more than just currency differences. Automatic currency conversion in the display is not the solution. The solution is to not appear to be a scam that is trying to get your email address to sell. The way to do that is to explain simply and concisely what is going on and why.

Good luck, Vlad. You have fans.


I've just hit this myself. It's simple. I've just installed the extension and played around with it. I then hit a shortcut and got told about the paid version. I've only tried it for a few minutes. I like it but I'm not going to buy it yet until I'm convinced it'll really help me. Still, I'd like to know how much it is before I click on the button "Buy Paid Mode License Key". Most users will not click on this unless there is a price. Words are very important. As August points out, if you change the wording to something like he mentions or "view price for your region" or price is between x and y depending on your country people can help decide without jumping through hoops.

Regardless it seems like a decent extension and if it proves useful I'll certainly compensate the developer being one myself.

All the best.


I wanted to let you know that I too did not buy the paid version because you requested my email without telling me what the price is. 

I've read this entire thread, and I am sorry to say this, because you are obviously a good person, but generally speaking, only dishonest vendors insist on getting your email before you can even see a price in your cart.

I don't think you can have any idea how many people don't complete their purchase of your app:


  • Many people don't like being forced to give up their email and/or login
    We don't shop at sites like Zulily, even if some items are cheaper than Walmart. 
  • We avoid Amazon vendors who force us to cart an item to see a discount. 
  • If we're reading an article and our login is demanded midway through we stop reading (and get the info from a site with fewer obstacles). 

Mostly, you can blame Google and Facebook with unremitting tracking and demands for information  -- we  feel we have to draw a line somewhere. 

You have created a great tool that is well worth $15 to $20 since Google has made Chrome so resource heavy it's not very usable without it. I am unemployed and on Medicaid and can't afford a paid Spotify or Cable but I would not have regretted this purchase.. 

I say this not to discourage but to encourage you to be transparent. When there is a paid version with upfront pricing that doesn't force sign-in I will complete my purchase.

Meanwhile, thanks for the free version. 


For me and I suspect 70% of free users, I'd be inclined to buy if one of these options were available: 

Offer either a free 14-day premium trial or a $5 3 month trial and then I'd feel the benefits and be hooked and pay the $15 anyway. 

Remove friction from the purchase would be a bonus by not asking for email up front, just display a page with the price range. 

Possibly the best and simplest option as you say you don't have many purchases, you could simply offer a 14-day free trial or paid with 14-day refund, maybe minus 20% for tax.

I would love to try before I buy, and I am sure I am not alone, you would certainly increase revenue if you can protect it.

Thanks for a great tool and keep up the good work :-)



I'd more than happily pay £15 for this extension, but I'm very wary of giving permissions for my work gmail.

Can you use a license file instead?

Great extension by the way, Google should buy it from you IMHO!




Just to clarify things in an other message (I've already answered to the developer about his assertions on "biger prices are better") :

- Not only it is greedy and badly hidding an egocentrical mentality.

- But never, NEVER, people will think in the way that "if it is more expansive, it is better !". And they won't, not only because they don't have enough money, and need more and more softwares, but because they know that a good product or service can be sold to a realistic and low price, and that BIGGER prices often mean that there is a scam. We all experience scam and bad products sold very high, and bein unfairly treaten as customers as milk-cows. 

- So never a high price will be a trigger-argument and bring more people to a product.

- Instead, lower price attract people like honey with bees.

So, if Android store works, or free softwares, it is because it is cheapMore and more people are poor, the gap between lower-classes and high-classes increase, and people don't have more than 15$ to spend in softies in a month. Period. 

And people all know, as poor people, that they're numerous, and that if they were developers, they would sell a software around 3$ and that it would multiply the sells and bring more money ! So, not lowering the price can be only a reflex led by fear, just by stupid association that "if the product price is lower, it will give me less money". Wich is completly false. 

Beside, that's why DISCOUNT markets like LIDDL in Europe invade all the planet : people are poor, and poor people are numerous. So the business-men did the math...


PROOF : I can pay 11€/month to have a catalog of movies and documentaries (Netflix), but I can't afford paying extra 15 or 20€ for a single software, plus if it is not absolutely essential (anti-virus or things like that). That's why I won't buy your extension. But I can pay 3€ for an usefull android app like NovaLauncher in the month, because it's just the price of a beer. And it doens't ruin me. All pseudo-reflexion about "yeah but if you go for paying many beer, you could have blablabla" isn't true : you don't know how I manage my wallet, and you don't have to manage my wallet and to give me some lessons. Ex : if I have already spent money for having a beer with a friend, I can still pay for a 3€ Android app if I juge I can, but I surely can't spend 15€ in a Chrome extension... We're not developers affording to pay for a plugin, for their favorite IDE to increase their productivity ! Dude ! Wake up ! 


what a ridiculous comment. The developer o free to charge whatever he likes - don't like the price? Don't buy it. 

Personally I think $15 is cheap for a piece of software I will use every...single...day. 

If you want to prioritize streaming tv shows or beers with friends over productive software - that's your prerogative. 


Hi there,
sorry a little bit off topic, but pretty sure I purchased the paid version, how do I confirm this, please?
Is the paid version for life or a time subscription?
I'm always signed into chrome browser with my Gmail account...
Thanks, PME


I would give you my money if the license wasn't bound to the Chrome email. Both Firefox and Opera support Chrome extensions; I rarely run into extension problems as an Opera user, but I am unable to grant access to any sort of email, so I cannot buy and use the paid version of Tabs Outliner....However, I have my reservations about doing so especially after reading the above.

I agree that you shouldn't have to give your email to see the price, and that the price is quite steep for this sort of thing. I've paid a max of $10 or so for iOS apps that are full 3D model suites. I'd expect an extension like this, while comprehensive, detailed, and wonderfully user-friendly, to be around $5. Even so, as @parahippocampus said 3 years ago: "Sure, Opera does not have a huge market share, but the kind of people who use a non-mainstream browser are much more likely to be the kind of power user who would pay $20 for a browser extension." I match this description. Perhaps you would get more purchases from non-Chrome users who are grateful. 

Armchair marketing commentary aside, I'll have to move on because the disabled shortcuts are killing me. I think it's an amazing extension though, and would (begrudgingly) buy the paid version if I could. 


Is this a permanent license or a license for 1 month? It would greatly help if this was clear.


It's a lifetime license for $15; it's NOT a monthly subscription.

The user spending 11 euros a month on entertainment like Netflix can easily go 2 months without Netflix, which is a luxury, and afford a lifetime license for an incredible productivity tool like this.

3 years since last comment
I''ll probably come back and pay for the full version.
BUT I too clicked through as far as "enter email address" and then stopped.
I know that it CAN be a throwaway.
That's not the point.
It is just as easy to provide a price based on taxes and location and currency (if you must) without an email address. 

Only subsequently did I find this discussion 
I now know ABOUT what it cost a few years ago
Being able to just look and know NOW makes a lot more sense to me and most would be buyers.

A comment re the lower price suggestions:
Asking for say $5 would need top increase your full version sales by a factor of maybe 4 or more.
It quite possibly would.
Offer a "limited time offer"
See what happens.
Ask people to say good things about your marvellous product.

What I most wanted was a savable file with page titles (which you provide) and links.
All the rest is a bonus.
Then I can save a file with a meaningful name and be able to look at it subsequently.

Your product appear to provide this "online' but I am unsure how certain it is that I will be able to get back to a list at a far future date.

Rus El
in NZ
rmcspam@gmail.com   <-- yes, it's a genuine email address :-)

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