Possible major issues with TO?

pswiatki 3 years ago updated by Jared Ratliff 3 years ago 2

Did you hear about Google blocking certain API keys on the Chromium browser? I was a happy user of it until just recently where I could not log in (browser wide) to my Google account any more. I use Chromium as provided by the maintainers in Arch Linux repositories, i.e. with whatever API keys they used. Just a few days ago I did a system-wide update and Chromium started working differently. I later googled the info that API keys would only work in Chrome, but not Chromium.

I am not sure, but I guess TO complaining it could not  (TBC) access Google Drive 

Image 166

may have something to do with browser-wide sign-in having been recently disabled?

If so - oh well, some of TO functionality can't be used anymore. Sad, what else to say.


By the way: I am currently at Chromium ver. 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit)

The dependency on logging in with the profile you use to purchase it a severe problem for me. I have to switch profiles a lot, between school, work, and my personal one (yes, all 3 use Google). So even though it's just me sitting on one single computer, I can only use the paid upgrade 1/3 of the time.