Detect, use or remember new 'rename window' chrome feature

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This is a no-brainer. Ideally tabs outliner should automatically name the windows by default to the first tab's title. As an alternative option, intergrating with ChatGPT to name the group based on all of the titles in the current window would be a great addition.


I made a little autohotkey script to do this using shift-F2 to automatically rename the Tabs Outliner window group to the title of the currently active Chrome tab (note that this won't work inside Tab Outliner, but inside Chrome on the tab you want to use as the name):

#HotIf WinActive("ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1") && !WinActive("Tabs Outliner")
	Title := WinGetTitle("A")
	try {
		MenuSelect "A",, "0&", "Name window"
		Send Title . "{Enter}"
	Send "^q"
	Send "{LEFT 5}{F2}" 
	Send Title . "{Enter}"

Sounds like a nifty idea, but where do i put it in the script, and where would i find the chrome script? (I'm not very experienced at programming but i can follow instructions if you're able to share any - thank you in advance if u can)...although I'd be even more grateful if by any chance you (or anyone else) can solve a problem ive been trying to get fixed for years now - i.e. figure a way to be able to buy TO for my Opera browser, which is the one that I usually use. 

When I click on the upgrade button to "buy paid mode" it then takes you to another page where u have to click on an "allow email access & continue to the payment process"

It explains it does this to keep your email name secret from them -

"Tabs Outliner now needs access your Chrome Profile email. However, this email will not be transferred outside of your computer. It will be used to calculate a serial number, which then will be embedded in the license key. So you will be able to use this license key on any computer where "Chrome is logged in using the same email. This serial number is not reversible back to your email. "Therefore, we will not be able to send you any messages, transfer your email to third parties or use it for any other purpose except the license key validation.

"This is done this way exactly to allow you to keep your Chrome Profile email unknown to the rest of the world (just use another email for communication purposes, during the purchase process or support, if you concerned to keep your Chrome Profile email in the secret)."

...But when u click on that button it comes up with this - "Warning: Permission to access Chrome Profile email address is not granted. To validate your license key and further configure online backup to your Google Drive account, Tabs Outliner needs access to your Chrome Profile identity and email. Please grant access."

...which is seemingly impossible and it just flips back to the 1st screen when you press the button to grant access.... hmm... I'm just wondering whether if I change my Opera email and password to be the same as the one I use on Chrome it might accept that, or perhaps it wont make any difference because it can't connect to Chrome?

If anyone else has had any success with buying TO for Opera, I'd love to hear from you and how you did it. 

And  finally I just hope that our friends in Ukraine who developed this app are safe & well.


it seems 

This is a script for a Windows tool called Autohokey (autohotkey.com) I can't help you w/the registration; I'm just an end user.