buying to on other web browsers

Andy L 3 years ago updated 11 months ago 4

My main browser is Opera altho I do also have a Chrome account too. I would like to pay you for the full functionality of TO on Opera but when I try to click on the "Allow email access and continue to the payment process" button it just bounces me back to the initial screen presumably because being in Opera it can't find a google chrome email address associated with my Opera account. 

My question was gonna be if I buy a license on Chrome would it carry over to Opera, but I can see from other questions on here that it doesn't carry over to 2nd accounts on Chrome so I'm fairly sure the answer to that must be "no". 

So it occurs to me that you might be missing out on quite a bit of potential income by not adjusting that payment process for Opera and maybe other browsers that TO is now available on, and maybe I'm wrong but I'd imagine it would be quite a quick fix & quick win for you - even if that means just giving you our email addresses and giving up any anonymity I'm sure that would be a price worth paying for most people - so worth making a priority perhaps?

Anyway thanks for the basic TO it really helps me get a bit more organised :-) but I'd love to buy/have some of those time-saving extra features.

Cheers Andy

I just need TO paid option on my Opera GX to say goodbye to chrome.

Thanks for your cryptic reply wiry, although I'm not sure what it means. Will it be a long goodbye or is it likely to be something you can have sorted fairly quickly? I'd love to pay you for an upgrade asap, so I can do some major pruning of my TO tree with help from copy & paste etc. 

Cheers Andy

Anybody actually answering questions for this site?? You have such  great helpful app and your just throwing away potential extra "money for nothing" people like me want to give you for your Opera app (see above). I just dont get it :-(

Helloooo?? Anybody home at T.O.???

2 years on and still no quick fix?

T.O. is such a  great product and yet your missing out probably $1000s of extra sales just for the lack of simply making it purchasable on other web browsers, which is surely not rocket science & strikes me as more than a bit fcuking crazy! C'mon guys, its easy money for you! Pls let us have T.O. for Opera & Opera GX